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Aug 11, 2009 07:54 PM

Large quantities of Fresh Thai Basil in deep south Calgary?

I need Thai basil on a weekly basis for the business but the little expensive packets of it in standard grocery stores just doesnt cut it. Currently I'm making the long trip to Asian grocery stores in the North to pick it up but really would love to find a supply closer to home.

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  1. I've seen fairly large bundles of it at Superstore. How big do you want the packages?

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    1. re: sweeterpea

      Really? I've not seen anything other then the little plastic packages. Which Superstore? Thanks!

    2. Try your fave Pho place if there's one nearby... You can often make a bit of a deal for little things like that if you try. Offer them a couple bucks for some.

      I'm down to buying mini baguettes from Bahn shops in Chinatown. They're good. Better than Manuel La whatever. He's outta most breads by noon and it costs an arm and a leg anyways.

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      1. re: seemac70

        Ooohhhh... Thats an Awesome idea! We do have a fantastic one close by and I love those guys. So smart seemac.

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          Ducks abound in Chinatown too... Great pork as well. Belly, shoulder, all that stuff. Not the pre-seasoned crap in the grocery stores either. All fresh. I watch them carry in the hogs from the truck, so go figure!