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Aug 11, 2009 07:52 PM

Dim Sum in Philly

Any suggestions as to the best place to go for Dim Sum. I am planning for a Saturday, I am rookie for Philly Chinatown. I read that Ocean Harbor is good and I read that it is only so-so,


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  1. I'm not expert, but my Asian friends prefer Ocean Harbor and Ocean City. They avoid Joy Tsin Lau. I've been to OH and OC and I enjoy both.

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      Dim Sum Garden on 11th St near the bus station is very good -- good Shanghai soup dumplings.

    2. i've also heard ocean harbor is the place to go...though i still haven't been, the line is just too damn long. i've been to joy tsin lau (across the street) twice now and it's been satisfying.

      1. nothing outside what others have said, but I prefer joy tsin lau to the ocean harbor