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Aug 11, 2009 07:51 PM

Kona Beer in Calgary?

We spent about 5 months in Kona working on a farm and fell in love with Kona Brewery beer. Its one of those things that I'm always on the look out for and hit friends up to bring some home for me when travelling to the states. Anyone seen it sold in Calgary at all?

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  1. Here's a search site for what's available in Alberta. I think it's accurate. It seems Kona beer isn't here yet.

    1. Damn. I swear I bought it somewhere in Alberta, but can't remember where. It'll come to me, oh, about 2am tomorrow. I know I bought it here because I remember that they put a Hawaiian word under each cap (mahalo, ono, wahine, kane, etc) so you can learn a new language while you get blitzed.

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        THATS EXACTLY THE ONE! Funny that you can remember the words but not where you got it ;)

        1. re: tmanna

          This doesn't exactly help, but I remember buying some at a grocery store in Whitefish last year.