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Aug 11, 2009 06:59 PM

Narragansett Recs

Going to Bonnet Shores near Narragansett for a few days. Good places? Seafood, of course. I know Aunt Carrie's and am not impressed so other thoughts/recs? Thanks

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  1. I think Aunt Carries had exceptional fritters. Other than that everything else was moderate to poor.

    Sorry i can't offer more.

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      I have not been yet but I have been hearing good things about a new restaurant called Matunick Oyster House in East Matunick. I heard great things about the food and atmosphere, Only thing, you definately need a reservation. Maybe someone else knows more...

      1. re: Alica


        If you are looking for simple Clean seafood I love Champlain's in Galilee. I have not heard anything on the Oyster House as of yet plus the view just sitting on the deck at Champlain's is nice. The lobster salad sand. which was $15.99 was excellent all fresh lobster while a few places mix knuckle canned lobster meat in the mix. typical roll buttered and filled well with a light dressing. Some of the other places in Narra I have not heard much on them so what does that tell you.
        Have fun.