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Aug 11, 2009 06:37 PM

Coconut buns

I had the most amazing warm coconut buns at a dim sum place in Chinatown...where can I get good coconut buns in Montreal??????

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  1. Patisserie Harmonie would probably be your best bet, at the corner of de la Gauchetiere and St. Urbain.

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    1. re: cherylmtl

      Harmonie may be the best Chinese pastry shop in town, but hey don't make coconut buns. The closest thing they have is coconut custard that is very good, but the filling isn't the same. Chow's used to make a great coconut bun, but we've stopped going there because the quality has really gone downhill.

    2. I bought some very good ones from Kim Phat on Jarry afew months ago. I don't know if they make their own or get them from elsewhere. Which dim sum place had such a good coconut bun?

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      1. re: hungryann

        Kam Fung is where I had the great cocnut buns.

      2. I haven't been in a while but the used to have good ones at the bakery next to Jade Garden/Poon Kai Buffet and at the Dobe and Andy Bakery below Kam Fung.

        1. Harmonie does make coconut buns and I've been buying them there for a while. I usually buy a pan of them with about 5 in a pan for $3.80. I prefer their smaller size to the individual ones. If Harmonie is out of them, my second choice to buy them is M M Legende across the street from the Jade Garden. These two places are for me the top two coconut buns in Chinatown.

          For me they're known as Guy Mee Bao... a bread type bun stuffed with an egg yolk-colored coconut filling.

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            I stand corrected. I've been to Harmonie many, many times and never once have I seen a coconut bun, only coconut custard. I'll keep an eye out next time I'm there.

          2. I like the ones they sell at the bakery store (different entrance) at the Chinese Buffet Restaurant on de la Gauchetiere.