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Aug 11, 2009 06:25 PM

Miami Beach Eateries With Kids

I know there have been several posts on where to eat in Miami Beach. I hope you can help me whittle down some of these lists to places where I can take kids (quick and casual but still decent). I've been to Sara's and the pizza place on 41st but it has been a few years so I open to hearing anything and everything. Prefer to hear about restaurants in Miami Beach area and a little further north, but not much.


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  1. Sam's Grill on 41 st is very grill,casual,with good food. They have child friendly options.They may have a child' menu,I don't remember,as mine order off the regular.Tasti Cafe has very good food. They accomodate children and are quick. I wouldnt' consider Sara's quick,nor accurate. They forgot my son's onion rings, making for a disappointed child on vacation. They used to be good,unfortunately their service has gone from bad to worse. The Chinese place just off 41 st ,across from Tasti was fine,quick and accomodated my son well. They brought his food out as soon as it was done.

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      The Chinese place you mention is called Mr. Chopstick. I enjoy it there.

    2. There's a shwarma place and a dairy place in addition to the pizza place that are all very child-friendly - have a great time!

      1. Lofty Latte is newish and on 41st Street-good food and ice cream, Grill Time on Biscayne and 163rd street is also good and kid friendly.

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          Grill Time is good, but it gets VERY crowded, especially on Sunday nights. It's definitely a kid friendly place, but if it's really crowded, they kind of rush you out.

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            You definitely need a reservation there,especially in the winter.

        2. I like Burger Bar in Aventura. Small place, but the food is good and definitely children friendly

          1. we have a pretty crazy toddler. We took him to Lofty Latte and he spilled a cup of iced water all over the floor and used the salt and pepper shakers like maracas to the music that was playing. They waitstaff handled it really well and told me that they always have kids in there. I found Sam's to be pretty kid-friendly. Obviously Shemtov's is the most kid friendly place but there isn't seated service there. Good luck and enjoy!