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Aug 11, 2009 06:03 PM

Food stops between duluth and mpls?

I'll be driving from Mpls to Duluth for a wedding and want to take advantage of any special food stops along the way. Any recommendations? Burger joints? Fish sandwiches? Farms? Anything notable along the way -- or near Duluth?

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  1. Cloquet has Gordy's and Mexico Lindo. Gordy's is a burger stand, homemade onion rings, shakes, burgers, the have great fish sandwich as well. Mexico Lindo is a mexican place and it has a huge menu. We had a group of 20 ppl and everybody loved it.

    1. Green Pastures Dairy

      Wonderful raw cheeses. I buy a wheel of smoked gouda twice a year. Do not buy the pre-packaged. Have them cut it for you.

      All information is on their website.

      1. I just stopped for some sausages and fresh blueberries at this place. It has some interesting stuff + some Lake Superior smoked fish. They had bottled Green River and Dr. Pepper soda pop. I didn't check to see if they used real sugar or HFCS. Intriguing, nonetheless.

        TJ's Country Store
        County Road 4 Exit Hwy 35, t
        hen west a couple miles

        Tom at TJ's (218) 389-6257

        1. Be sure to take a cooler with you.

          1. I will definitely second Gordy's Hi-Hat in Cloquet and TJ's Country Corner in Mahtowa. Neither are exactly "on the way", but the short drive out of the way is worth it in both cases. At Gordy's I can never decide if I want a burger or a fish sandwich...they are both excellent. Last time I was there, Gordy his own self was still taking orders at the counter after all these years. TJ's is a charming old-school general store that sells many varieties of their own homemade sausage, very good. For breakfast I like the Red Shed in Pine City. I imagine their other meals are good also, just haven't been there at any other time of day.

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              The Red Shed has been gone for a couple of years now - no doubt a victim of the increasing number of chain fast food found along the corridor ( south of Hinckley). North of there are a number of home town spots good for burgers and fried food. Moose Lake, Barnum, Carlton (Cozy Cafe) and the aforementioned.