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Where To Find "California Earthquake Potato Chips"

Has anyone else had these? They're SO good. The only place I can find them is at the Do-It Center checkstands, in small bags. Gelson's used to have the larger bags but they discontined them. The story goes that an earthquake sent all the spices at the chip factory tumbling, and the spice blend created a brand new flavor combination. Anyway, the taste is sort of a lighter and sweeter version of a BBQ potato chip, really yummy....if you see them in a store please let me know where, thanks!

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  1. Home Depot Center and Curious Palate in Mar Vista

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      every time i see this answer, i get the giggles. just--i don;'t know--the juxtiposition.

    2. if you can't find them near you, try contacting the company to find out where you can get them:

      1. smart & final -99 cents..just finish a bag..they have all the flavors separate also..my smart & final had a big display of them near the check out

        1. Superior Grocery Stores has them - 99-cent for the big bag. Check their website for locations.

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            Also, the dollar stores carry them occasionally.

          2. Smart and Final Xtra stores have them

            1. Cost Plus World Market usually has them

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                This is what I was going to say. At every Cost Plus I've ever been to I always see this brand.

              2. I had never seen or heard of these chips before when I read this post last month. Since then, I've seen them twice, once in the bigger bag at Toms Farms, near Corona (there is also one in Anaheim, not sure if they carry all the same stuff), and strangely, in the vending machine at Hollywood Sports Paintball in Bellflower (please don't ask). I bought the big bag at Toms Farms, but haven't opened them yet-polishing off this bag of Lays Sour Cream and Onion first!

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                  Sadly I've found Earthquake Chips to be sorely inconsistent. I guess they fry in whatever oil is cheapest that week. When they hit it right, they're great, but other times I've had hard chips with a bad crunch to 'em.

                2. I tried them from the nearest convenience store based on this post. But they were totally nondescript.

                  1. I live in South Dakota and they had them in the vending machine but they stopped. Anyone know where I can get some. I love California Earthquake Chips.