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Natural Casing Hot Dogs at Grocery Store?

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I can never find natural casing hot dogs at a local grocery store. I'm in the LA area looking for Sabrett's or something similar. I can find Nathan's, but not the natural casing type. Suggestions?

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  1. The trick is getting away from the mass-market type stores (Vones, Ralphs, etc). Both Gelson's and Bristol Farms carry a few different brands of higher quality hot dogs. Sometimes you can find Boar's Head, natural casing dogs at Pavilions.

    1. I was in your spot about 15 years ago when I moved here and was searching for the same thing, like the Hummel's brand I grew up with in NE.

      Ralph's deli used to carry their own brand, marked Old Fashioned hot dogs, in a shrinkwrapped package, and they are the closest thing I can find retail. Pink's has them at their stand, and their supplier is Hoffy Brand, but I believe they are made specially for them, have never seen them in stores. Good luck and let us know what you find!

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        Should be able to get the Hoffy natural casing at Smart & Final in the frozen section, black box.

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          I haven't seen Hoffy natural casing hot dogs at S&M in 10+ years and I look almost everytime I'm there.

          Marukai Gardena has Hoffy natural casing Coney dogs 8:1(8 dogs/pound) re-packaged and sold by the pound.

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            Did you look in the frozen section or ask the manager?

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              Will ask next time....usually browsing the refrigerators where the other dogs are.

      2. Ralph's has 'em, their own brand, but not in the deli/hot-dog section...they're usually next to the bacon and the "Lloyds BBQ". Pavilions has the Nathan's natural casing, they were 2-for-1 a couple of weeks ago.

        1. Albertson's in Santa Monica on Lincoln carries Nathan's natural casings hot dogs. They are really good, better than Boars Head.

          1. I regularly buy Nathan's natural casing dogs at the local Albertson's. They have a nice snap to them when you bite down and taste great. I wish they were a bit thicker, as the diameter is smaller than Nathan's skinless variety.

            1. As other replys mention, in the SGV Ralphs and Albertson's has Nathan's natural casing . Also, Carney's sells their special natural casing dogs by the pound. You can also buy their chili to re-heat at home.


              1. Albertson's carries the natural casing Nathan's...at least the Monrovia location. Ralph's has some in their butcher case that is half pork, half beef that some people really love...they're OK to me, but not delicious. Henry's market in Monrovia has three or four brands of natural casing dogs. Claro's Italian Markets have Hoffy natural casing. I believe I saw some at Whole Foods one time but can't be 100% sure. Many delis, or deli departments, that carry Boar's Head also carry the Boar's Head natural casing franks, which is what I believe they also serve at the Fair Oaks Pharmacy soda fountain in South Pasadena.

                1. The Ralphs in Westwood Village has Boar's Head natural casing hot dogs - both regular and lite versions. They're stocked in the deli area with the specialty cheeses and the other Boar's Head products, not with the other hot dogs.

                  1. Sabrett's natural casing dogs shipped to your door...

                    1. Check out places like Continental Gourmet Sausage and they make their own franks w/natural casing that might make you change your mind from the mass market hot dogs and they really aren't that much more money.

                      Continental Gourmet Sausage
                      6406 San Fernando Rd
                      Glendale, CA 91201-2107
                      (818) 502-1447

                      1. HOWS markets carry the Boar's Head natural casing dogs. They also sometimes carry Cantella's, which I prefer. Gelson's house-brand hot dog also has a natural casing. I think they're actually the Cantella's dogs, just with a different label. I think I prefer these to the Boar's Head, although I like those as well.

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                          Not a fan of Cantella's.....they use it at The Stand and Tommy's. Hoffy's or Vienna Beef for me.

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                            I liked the flavor of the Boar's Head natural-casing dogs - the Yupscale Ralphs stores carry them too - but they very much disagreed with my digestion, which almost nothing ever does. Thought it was something else, tried'em again, same thing.

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                              Try the Boar's Head natural casing knockwurst. I find the seasoning more assertive than their dogs.

                          2. You can buy Let's be Frank dogs at Surfas and the market on Pico near Beverly Glen, I forgot the name, north east corner next to the gas station.

                            1. After asking here I finally found Nathan's natural casing dogs at a Pavillions in Mission Viejo (I'm in South OC). The, as if by magic they showed up at my local Albertson's in San Clemente (on sale to boot). They had not carried the brand before and started with the naturals then added the regular kind a week or two later. I'm a happy camper for now.

                              I'd suggest speaking with the store manager at your local chain market. Very often they'll try something requested and see if it flies. From posts here it looks like Ralph's, Albertson's and Pavillions all have access to them.

                              They're worth the effort.

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                                Only thing I buy at Gelsons: their private label natural casing dogs. I like them better than Boars Head or the Ralph's private label that seems to be in and out of stock.

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                                  I'm almost positive that the Gelson's hot dogs are made by Cantella's. Same flavoring, same color, same packaging except for the label. I like them.