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Aug 11, 2009 04:48 PM

Trying to recreate Moustache's spinach and chickpea deliciousness

Hi! I'm new to the boards, and although I've been reading for a while, I was compelled to post for the first time today. I used to live in Manhattan (since moved far upstate), and still remember how much I loved the spinach and chickpea dish at Moustache (they call it a "salad," but I recall it as having all been cooked together -- here is the URL for the menu:

It has (as the menu says) tomatoes (or tomato sauce), lemon juice, and onions (which had been cooked, if memory serves). I read online in a posting on from 2003 from someone re-creating this same dish that it may also have had harissa.

It was so, SO very good. I have been looking all around for a recipe approximating this -- I bet it's simple, and I would be thrilled if someone either had the recipe or a close approximation.

(If I've posted in the wrong place, please let me know that too!)

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    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

      Goodhealthgourmet, thank you so much!! I *thought* I had looked everywhere...

      Really appreciate it!

      1. re: alignment

        my pleasure :) i hope it turns out to be as wonderful as you remember!

    2. I haven't lived in NY for 12 years, but I have a taste memory of that spinach chickpea dish! I've made it several times over the years, using the NY Times recipe linked to below. I can say that the recipe is close, but I've gotten closer making a couple of adjustments: I use 1 large spanish onion, just over half the tomatoes (I use the Pomi crushed tomatoes in the box), and I use 1.5 times the spinach. Otherwise it's too onion-y and tomato-y and not spinach-y enough. I also add more salt and more lemon than the recipe calls for. It's pretty darn close!

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      1. re: shirala

        What a treat to see your note about the recipe tweaks today!

        Yes, it should be very spinach-y, I quite agree! And can there every be enough lemon, really? :)

        Do you have a favorite kind of harissa you use to make it?

        1. re: alignment

          I just made it today using the Harissa from the olive bar at Whole Foods and I like the result. Just a hint of spice. Also forgot to mention that fresh chickpeas help too. I make a big batch and freeze what I don't use in the spinach dish. Is Moustache still open?

          1. re: shirala

            Those are great tips, thanks! Not sure if Moustache is still open these days — I am in the SF Bay Area and don't get back to NYC often enough.