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Aug 11, 2009 04:47 PM

Queen Anne Take Out??

We will be staying in the Upper Queen Anne neighborhood with a little baby - which means we'll probably be brining in take out for dinner a few times. Any recs for great food that can be delivered or picked up in that area? We love everything - Thai, Indian, Meditteranean, etc. Thanks so much!!

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  1. Delivery: Pagliacci, Restaurants on the Run .com. Thai Kitchen. Olympic Pizza.

    take out-- the restaurants on the top of the Hill, Pasta & Co, Metropolitan Market.

    1. Consider Eat Local, around McGraw & QA. They make tasty dinners from healthy natural ingredients and freeze them in various portion sizes. Many are packaged in returnable glass containers. I haven't yet eaten from there (unfortately I don't live in that neighborhood and I happened by it on a day when the frozen food would have melted).


      1. Via Tribunali has a happy hour deal on take-out pizza, and better than Pagliacci (but no delivery).

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          Yes I agree. Via Tribunali has been my go to place for pizza over the years!

        2. Orrapin, just off the corner of Queen Anne Ave and Boston St. is the best Thai take-out around. Delicious. Also, if you want some yummy cheap mexican take-out than Malena's is the place to be, it's a hole-in-the-wall a few blocks off the main drag over by Ken's Market and Macrina Bakery (excellent pastries) on McGraw St. Enjoy!

          1. I love Pasta & Co. It's not cheap, but everything I've ever tried there has been great.