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Aug 11, 2009 04:36 PM

Starting Law School -- Columbus Circle Eats?

Hi Chowhounders!

I am about to start Law School at Fordham near Columbus Circle. I've never been a west side guy and am completely lost as to what my food options are. I will be poor and need semi-cheap options, but otherwise I like all kinds of food. Does anyone have any ideas for me?

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  1. Whole Foods, Bouchon Bakery, burger joint inside the Parker Meridien. Unfortunately, it's not a very cheap eats friendly area since it's so close to the park, but if you venture towards Hell's Kitchen, you have more options.

    See also:

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      Bouchon Bakery might be a bit expensive by grad student standards, actually. (At least I thought it was.) It's great for an occasional treat.

    2. Trust Kathryn's recommendations; she always has the best. BTW, best of luck to you at Fordham Law! I've just celebrated the 25th anniversary of my graduation from Fordham Law. The restaurant scene has vastly improved over the last 25 years. Enjoy!

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        When I went to school around there, I just went to wendys.

      2. Congrats on starting law school! I was a poor Fordham law student a few years back. I depended a fair amount on Ollies delivery and Burrito Box. Ollies chinese food is very cheap, large portions and fast delivery or nearby for a pick-up (which is important when you have limited time for a study break).

        1. Within close walking distance there are great Mexican sandwiches at Tehuitzingo and falafel at Maoz. Happy hours and bar food at the Snug would also be typical. Also try looking into Szechuan Gourmet and Lucky's Famous.

          1. Congrats! I am class of 05.

            Burrito Box and Lunch Box were popular for us. My favorite pizza nearby is a few blocks up on Columbus bet'n 68 and 69th, Francesco Pizzeria. Whole foods came in my third year, while good, it was def at the upper end of my student budget at $10-12 a lunch.

            If you dont mind street meat, there are some decent carts on broadway pretty close to the school - although its been years since I have tried any.

            Tehuitzingo is a great suggestion, bit of a walk but very worth it. Lincoln Park was our Fordham hangout and they have cheap happy hour food. Its a bit of a dump, but it was good for what it was.

            Again, congrats and good luck!

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              When I was at Fordham for undergrad I usually just stuck to Whole Foods (good hot/cold bar, pizza, soups) or the deli right across the street (decent salads and sandwiches) WF can actually be quite cheap if you choose wisely. Just don't get really heavy stuff at the self serve bar.

              1. re: ukitali

                yeah that deli across the street was good as well. I particularly recall the breakfast sandwiches.

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                  I'm also FLS '05 (who are you metfan630? Stoner? Mike). Most of my lunches were from random delis in the area--we jsut got toss bar salads. Things got more varied and more expensive when the Whole Foods moved in. If you have more time for a meal walk down 9th avenue for lots of great cheap food (eg. wondee siam). And law school wouldn't be the same without Lincoln Park. You will see what we mean...

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                    yeah its Mike K. Who's this? small world, haha

                2. re: ukitali

                  Second the rec on Whole Foods as diverse, health, tasty and reasonable, if you're selective.

                  1. re: nooyawka

                    Update: if you keep your food under a pound. :)