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Nov 11, 2004 12:50 PM


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Has anyone been to JAR lately? last time I went I had a great meal and now people are talking about something happening on monday nights does anybody know about this? Thanks

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  1. Nancy Silverton's "Mozzarella Bar" happens on Mondays. The info is on the JAR website.


    1. Better hurry, I hear from inside sources that Mozzarella Monday may be ending soon.

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      1. re: fexley

        As in Nancy has another gig going on down on Melrose at Highland with her new Batali co-venture!

        1. re: fexley

          We were at Jar last night. Mozzarella night WILL continue but without Nancy behind the bar. Her second-in-command there has been doing a great job and will remain behind after MOZZA opens.

          1. re: tritip

            Any noticable difference in quality (or the menu itself) without Silverton around?

            edit: Whoops! Question answered below.

            1. re: tupac17616

              I was there last night as well and the quality is still stellar.

        2. We went in for Mozz last night - the same menu was in place, but Nancy was nowhere in sight! It was strangely NOT busy, also. Appears she has left for her new digs with Mario?

          1. Jar has great food all nights. I prefer the standard menu as apposed to mozzerella nights. I have never had a bad meal.