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Aug 11, 2009 03:51 PM

opinions of Napa cooking classes

I would appreciate any opinions or recommendations for non-professional cooking classes in Napa, Yountville, or St. Helena. No more than 2 hours of instruction then lunch afterwards.

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  1. Several wineries offer classes that are both fun and entertaining. Pine Ridge Vineyards has one every Sunday based on seasonal items that pair well with wines.

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    1. re: digthevine

      Thanks, digthevine. I have been to Cakebread's but didn't know about Pine Ridge. Do you know of other wineries that do this?

    2. Napa Valley College offers great classes as part of their Culinary Arts Program.

      Some of the B&Bs offer programs as well: Casa Luna is one that stands out.

      There's Cooking with Julie, too. In Napa. Veteran instructor.

      My first choice would be the Napa Valley College classes.

      You may have to ease up your criteria on how the class should flow.

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        Anyone considered CIA in St. Helena? I'm on my way to a 5 day hands on class