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Aug 11, 2009 03:39 PM

Anniversary Dinner near Guerneville

My husband and I will be staying in Guerneville during our 10th wedding anniversary. Any suggestions for a great anniversary dinner? Most important is quality of food. We prefer a nice atmosphere but not too formal.

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  1. Farmhouse Inn

    Farmhouse Inn
    7871 River Rd, Forestville, CA 95436

    1. The Farmhouse Inn is highly recommended. I really want to go sometime.

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        Third Farmhouse Inn. Lovely, romantic, great food. Spend the night there too.
        Swanky, luxurious bedrooms.

      2. Cape Fear Cafe in Duncans Mills on the 116 about 8 miles west of Guerneville towards the coast has southern cajun type food. Lovely setting in the country.

        1. As soon as I saw the topic I thought "Farmhouse Inn". It's just a short drive east on Hwy 116 to Forestville. The atmosphere is warm and elegant but not stuffy - kind of like being a guest in someone's gorgeous country home. The food is excellent. I've written about it at more length, but I'll just mention again the rabbit three ways, which is one of their signature dishes, is delicious and original. Last time I ate there I had halibut, and it was sublime: just the lightest crispiness on the outside, and moist and delicious inside.

          If you would like to stay closer to Guerneville, Applewood Inn, in Guerneville, is almost equally good. I had the best duck breast of my life there, perfectly crisp skin without any of the heaviness or greasiness you sometimes get with duck. I also had a blood orange creme brulee there that knocked my socks off.

          Cape Fear is very good but much more casual. I wouldn't really think of it for a special occasion, but would highly recommend it for brunch. Also nearby and much more casual is Bistro des Copains in Occidental. It's a fun place and the oysters are always the freshest. If you should be looking for a MUCH more casual meal, perhaps a lunch or breakfast (although they are also open for dinner) I'd recommend Cafe des Jumelles in Monte Rio, just four miles west on Hwy 116. It's extremely casual, but the food can't be beat. They make the best corned beef hash, and the burgers are the ultimate in juicy goodness. Let us know where you went and how you liked it!

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            I'll second the rec for Applewood Inn. I was hesitant because I've heard stellar things about Farmhouse and don't really know how Applewood stacks up, but the food there is lovely and the setting is definitely casual but elegant: quiet, pretty, laid back, with service to match.

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              Applewood Inn & Restaurant
              13555 HWY 116, Guerneville, CA 95446

              Les Jumelles
              15025 River Rd., Guerneville, CA 95446

              Bistro Des Copains
              3782 Bohemian Hwy, Occidental, CA 95465

            2. Both Applewood and Farmhouse would be good choices. Definitely Farmhouse if you like cheese.