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Aug 11, 2009 03:38 PM

1st Time in Paso Robles

Heading north from LA to Paso Robles to meet a friend mid-way between my place and hers (Monterey/Salinas) on Friday. Looking for lunch/picnic ideas in the area. We've only got the one day together so looking for places that won't require a lot of advance notice as we'll be playing it by ear... Any thoughts?

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  1. I'm no expert on the area, but I loved my lunch at Thomas Hill Organics. Nice garden atmosphere and great food.

    Artisan also has wonderful food, though I have not had their lunches.

    Less formal/expensive is Los Robles Cafe. Breakfasts until they close at three as well as Mexican and American food. Nice little family restaurant. Al Pastor is supposed to be a specialty - I love the green chile omelettes with home fries. Yum.

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      I'm seconding Thomas Hill Organics. It's my must-stop whenever I go to Paso.

      Artisan is also good, but pricier and the food's a little richer. If we're staying for two meals, that is our OTHER must-stop.

    2. been pretty hot in PR all week. The coast is close (20 minutes over a beautiful road) if you need to cool off in Cambria or Cayucos.