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Aug 11, 2009 03:28 PM

Food itinerary, 4 nights in Vegas -- input welcome

My brother and I are taking our Mom to Vegas for her 65th birthday. Her first time, my 10th (?) time, my brother's 2nd or 3rd time. Here's the rough plan:

Arrive Saturday, staying at Bellagio. Low key lunch at pool. Cab to Mix for sunset drinks, then Isla for dinner (I'm a little worried that Mix will be packed, but we'll be there early-ish). My Mom is from the east coast so she'll have a bit of jet lag.

Sunday: pool day, cafe breakfast/lunch. We have "O" tickets at 7pm. Thinking Carnevino pre-theater menu, or Bellagio buffet (we have to do it once, Mom has never been to Vegas...); after the show, maybe we walk down the strip for drinks somewhere...ideas?

Monday: Another low-key day at pool, maybe some shopping. Monday night I plan to get a limo for a more offbeat Vegas tour. Peppermill for cocktails, Lotus of Siam for food, Luv-it frozen custard for dessert, then downtown for the Fremont Experience and a few casinos.

Sunday (her birthday): breakfast at Bouchon, more pool or shopping. I had considered Rosemary's for dinner but feel like the last night should be more "Vegas." Thinking about Kokomo's or Onda. Farewell cocktail back at Bellagio?

Thoughts on the dinner choices, ideas for drinks, are more than welcome. We'll have four people total for all dinners. I also haven't spent much time thinking about lunches, since I figure we'll play our days by ear (and we all want to relax by the pool!). But if there's a lunch place that is a standout, I'd love to hear about it. Thanks!

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  1. I would suggest breakfast or lunch at Tableau in the Wynn.

    Also, instead of Carnevino I highly recommend CUT in the Palazzo. The steak there is a notch above any steakhouse in LV. If you are real big steak afficionado, get the A5 kobe beef, simply sublime. Also SW in the Wynn is also better.

    Sunday night for dinner, L'atelier de Joël Robuchon is very very good. The food their is just so damn good.

    1. With all due respect, your 65 yo mom is schlepping – unless she is on a private jet, flying these days is a bit of a workout - across the country to fantasy land top U.S. vacation adult Disney for the FIRST time and you’re going to melt poolside (the heat is at desert peak now; hydrate before, during and after the trip) for 4 days with 1 show and some nice dinners….hmmm isn’t that just a long summer weekend at home!?? Does your mom get starry eyed over Frankie Avalon, Frank Sinatra Jr., Barry Manilow, etc. The Platters, Creed? ;-p you get the idea, there’s practically EVERYTHING here; so, if you are inspired to jazz it up here’s some ideas;
      for dazzle, impact and elegant Vegas, especially 1st time and bday treats, remember vegas is a 'lady' :wink, tongue in cheek: who sparkles and glows at night; make sure it's after 8pm and dark out for some of these, as I just hosted an aunt for her first visit and a couple of sights are 'washed out' in the daytime;
      fountain lights must include music, worth standing outside suffocating for 10 mins if you’re not at Olives, Picasso or Fontana; garden conservatory; also, their Fontana Bar has live music and is wonderful; Bellagio
      Lake of Dreams, drinks at parasol bar; or assorted delicious dining at Wynn, they even have great recession deals/pre-fixes/tasting menus,
      see ch posts for Vegas recession dining deals, especially Wynn and MGMMirage rest.
      canals gondolas, Venetian
      brunch at Four Seasons
      Mix, Foundation Room; THEhotel, Mandalay
      Liquidity, Luxor
      Eiffel tower for drinks or dinner, Paris Hotel
      Dueling pianos, Bar at Times Square, NYNY Hotel

      main shopping/browsing 'clusters' where you can roam 3+ connected/adjacent casinos; it's ALL about staying off the street during daylight;
      Bellagio/Caesars/Bally's next to Paris/Planet Hollywood
      MGM Grand/NYNY/Excalibur, next to Luxor/Mandalay

      Very popular activities shows:
      Rita Rudner, comedy
      Bette Midler, show
      Jubilee showgirls
      Gordie Brown
      Donny & Marie
      Barry Manilow
      Phantom of the Opera
      Lion King
      Jersey Boys
      Penn & Teller

      for monday limo; definitely point that limo west and take a sunset ride to Red Rock Canyon, drive the 13 mi. Scenic Route in about 20 mins. and stretch your legs at visually stunning rest Area 9 (?) with some wine or champagne; this is a PRICELESS bday 'Show', more than worth the 15 miles from the strip; then swing by the red rock resort/casino, a mile or so nearby, and be delighted with the blazing fire pits within the infiniti pools and lush gardens all along the front; t-bones outside is lovely for dinner or drinks, redwood stone and fire pits; even nicer, summerlin is avg. 10 degrees cooler than the strip, but feels even cooler as you're not surrounded by tons of concrete; good to keep in mind for Fremont St., which I enjoy, but not when it’s 105, somehow just takes some of the fun out of it….just saying

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        Thanks for the input so far. foodlvrzen, this is the food itinerary -- we will have plenty of other nighttime activities, never fear. :) My mom has specifically requested pool time, even though we'll be in the shade; we'll definitely be adding shopping, spa time, whatever she likes. What I'm interested in is food/drink recommendations and yours are great. Thanks!

      2. Carnevino to 7pm "O" seems pretty sporty.

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          Agreed. Probably not enough time for dinner at Carnevino and then trecking over to Bellagio for "O" unless you start dinner at 4:00.

          Your ideas sound great to me. Definitely think you'll enjoy Bouchon. Instead of Carnevino, how about Picasso at Bellagio but maybe on a different night than "O"? Great "only in Vegas" setting and very good food. Mom will be wowed.

          We did the sunset drinks at Mix Lounge thing on a Thursday and the place was pretty dead, which was fine for us as we weren't looking for a scene. Don't know what it would be like on a Saturday, but I bet it wouldn't be bad. I highly recommend this - a very wow! experience, especially for a Vegas newbie.

        2. Thanks everyone! I leave Saturday and can't wait. I'll report back.