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Aug 11, 2009 03:27 PM

Sunday Brunch near Park & 76th?

You've all been so helpful with my pre/post theater dinner suggestions, Im going to ask for more. On this trip I am staying in a relative's apt. on Park near 76th. Some out of town relatives are also visiting, and we're planning to meet for Sunday brunch. I knew my way around my brother's old 'hood (Madison & 94th) but the new location has me stumped for suggestions. Again, some place we can sit (but not camp!) without feeling rushed. (Not a total rube here -- I KNOW its NYC, where turning the tables as fast as possible is mandatory). My brunchmates are my nephew and his dad -- hearty eaters, so we need something beyond coffee and muffins. We're willing to walk, we're willing to be impressed, and we want this to be memorable.

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  1. If you know NYC you know there isn't much in the immediate vicinity of Park and 76th, but if you go east to Third Ave. between 76th & 77th there's Atlantic Grill. A very nice, very reasonable brunch in a bustling and friendly place, and you won't be rushed. Popular so reserve.
    Atlantic Grill
    1341 3rd Ave
    New York, NY 10075-1905
    (212) 988-9200

    1. several civilized options to consider:
      - Atlantic Grill
      - Park Avenue Summer
      - Orsay
      - Central Park Boathouse

      Sarabeth's is popular, but it's always a *zoo* for brunch and you may feel rushed.

      1. Don't know how old your nephew is... but you might check out the Carlyle Hotel.. not sure if they have brunch.. Or there's Orsay on 75th and Lex. In good weather you might try for a table outside.

        1. If it is before August 16th (when they close to renovate), Cafe Boulud is an option. Location is on 76th and Madison, so quite close, but may be pricier than you are looking for.

          1. I would second (or third) Atlantic Grill. Big tables, nice service, good brunch menu and they won't rush you out. They also have tables set up outside on a nice day. I would definitely make a reservation.