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Aug 11, 2009 03:06 PM

Too Much Food

I've been resisting the fries at Five Guys because there's always more than I can eat in a small (they insist on calling it Medium, but they don't have a smaller one) order. I sprung for them today and my burger was in the bottom of the bag and the rest of the bag was filled to the brim with fries. I was stuffed and still pitched about 2/3 of the batch. I've tried a couple of "things to do at home with left over French Fries" and haven't been impressed enough to take the leftovers home.

Yesterday I was in Vienna for lunch, so I treated myself to one scoop of Nielsen's frozen custard. That, for me was about two and a half portions (but it was soooooo good I finished it anyway). Three and a half bucks, too.

Is there anything we can do to get smaller portions for these "sides?" I've written to Five Guys more than once and the answer is always the same - "We want to give our customers good value." No wonder I see so many fat people there. <G>

At least I can get a kid's size ice at Rita's. Maybe they should offer a "senior" size?

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  1. I've just stopped ordering fries there. The one closest to me is near a whole foods, so I get a salad there if I didn't bring one from home.

    Thai Luang gives a ridiculous amount of food for lunch, but that gives me leftovers.

    Outside of the leftover option, or sharing with friends (which DOES work with 5 Guys fries), I can empathize. Best I can say is that I end up avoiding some dishes or places entirely b/c of this.

    1. The people @ Gifford's have pretty heavy hands when it comes to the scoops.

      Sheesh, now I know i'm old, when I'm turning down extra ice cream.

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      1. re: WestIndianArchie

        Yep, this is one big reason why I now go to Dolcezza instead of Gifford's - they have a tiny kiddie size portion.

        I should think you could use the leftover fries in something along the lines of lomo saltado?

        1. re: rarotonga

          Neither Dolcezza nor Gifford's are anywhere near where I have occasion to go, and no matter how good, I'm not going to travel that far for ice cream when I can get a pint of Sinplicity at Balducci's (close by) and eat as small a portion as I want. At the price and richness, I don't feel bad about rationing it. <g>

          Lomo saltado might work, and it doesn't appear to be difficult to make, but I'd have to try a restaurant version a couple of times to get a sense of the proportion of meat to potatoes. The one recipe that popped up just says "5 potatoes" for 2 pounds of meat, so it looks like the quantity of leftover fries (depending on how big the portion I got was, and how many I ate with my burger) might be appropriate for about 1/2 pound of meat, if it scales reasonably for a single portion. Thanks for the suggestion.

      2. MikeR - I'm with you ! Unfortunately too many people believe that unless they get a heaping plate, they didn't get a good value for their dollar. Hence the obesity issue we're dealing with now. I have no idea what we do to convince restaurants to scale back - or at least offer a smaller option for those of us who really DO NOT want to stuff ourselves silly at every meal. Really, I think if they'd go back to offering "smalls" they could accommodate everyone. I want a taste of fries, too, but don't want a couple pounds of them! I like your "senior size" idea!!

        1. Easy solution... just let me know when you're going out, come get me, and I'll take care of your leftovers.

          1. The original comment has been removed