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Aug 11, 2009 02:47 PM

Full Kee Washington, DC - What to order?

My wife, some friends, and I are making our maiden voyage to the DC Full Kee and so I ask the oft asked question: what should I order? The group members' tastes will run the gamut from "I only want Americanized fare" to the "I only want to eat it if it's spicy, authentic, and wouldn't get laughed at in China."

I've been recommended the shrimp stuffed duck as well as the oyster and ginger cassrole.

My thanks for any suggestions.

Cocinero Cubano

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  1. shrimp dumpling soup
    soy chicken, available in small app size
    hanging char shiu bbq pork tenderloin

    1. Ask for the fresh vegetable of the day. Usually it's something along the lines of sauteed spinach with garlic or fermented tofu, sauteed on-choi with garlic or fermented tofu, sauteed pea sprouts. You can also ask for a live fish (usually tilapia) from their tanks that can be steamed with ginger and scallions with hot oil and soy sauce on top of it.

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        All of chowsearch & dpan's suggestions are good. I'm also a fan of the beef w/ turnip, and the spicy deep fried seafood. The beef w/ turnip might be too fatty for the only-American contingent of your group, though; for that crowd, I'd suggest the beef chow foon.

      2. Shouldn't your party who want "spicy, authentic, and wouldn't get laughed at" know what to order? First of all, Full Kee is Cantonese, and spiciness isn't prevalent among Cantonese cuisine. If you go to their website, you'll see they have specials for groups of all sizes. Just order those. It's like a tasting menu.

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          No, not necessarily. Thanks for the very helpful and insightful reply though.

        2. Corny as it is, I love their Mu Shu Pork. We always get it so we have leftovers to take home..

          1. is that vietnamese on the menu under the english? just wondering why....

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              Many of the cantonese restaurants in this area are run by ethnic Chinese from Vietnam. The old owners at Mark's Duck House was from Vietnam also. Vietnamese do like to eat at Chinese restaurants and this just makes it easier for them to order.

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                thanks, dpan, that makes sense. i wish they'd give us americans a pronunciation guide! ;-).

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                  That's the case in NoVA, but less so in Montgomery Cty.

                  Most asian ethnicities such as Viets and Koreans don't have the elaborate or upscale offerings for banquets/parties, so they resort to Chinese food.

                  Koreans even have a korean/chinese twist on their food, but it's mostly deep fried and sweet and sour/spicy.