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Aug 11, 2009 02:39 PM

Good Detroit Restaurants??

I am looking for some great Detroit area restaurants. NO chains or anything resembling one. Great food, good service with cutting edge food or old-school favorites. I will be in town Aug 18-21 from New Orleans. Please let me know of the cities truly great spots anything from fine-dining to neighborhood spots.

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  1. Born raised and working in Detroit.. I know Motown Food.. for Thai.. head to Eastern market for Sala Thai.. excellent.. but I love love this awesome Italian old world restaurant right in the heart of Eastern market which is a farmers market that is so alive on the weekends with Laraoke that starts at 8 am (only in Detroit) anyway the restaurant is called Roma Cafe.... great great reviews! Also downtown faves are Seldom Blues in the RenCen or the Detroit Fish Market.. as a hater of all things seafood.. I think its somewhat overpriced

    1. Be helpful to know where you're staying. For downtown, here's a roundup that was published during the basketball tournament last spring.

      For a splurge, Roast (which she mentions) is really good for serious carnivores.

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        I second the Roast recommendation. Ate a fabulous meal there in July - service was excellent and food was outstanding.

      2. Are you actually going to be staying in Detroit or are you going to be in one of the suburbs?

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          I will be staying with family in Livonia. However growing up in the metro area I am proud of Detroit and will be spending most of my time downtown though I am open to anything within a 30 min drive. Tigers game Tues Pm thinking Lafayette before the game but would love to try something new that evening or after the game for that matter

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            There was an article on the Detroit News website about Angelina bistro, near the ballpark, doing a prix fixe dinner hoping to attract ballpark visitors. Might be worth a go.

        2. In no particular order.
          Slows BBQ.
          The Rattle Snake Club.
          The Whitney.
          Traffic Jam & Snug.
          Greektown- Take your pick it's all pretty darn good with the Astoria Pastry shop, Pizzapapalis standing out for their respective goodies.
          Bourbon Steak

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            BTW, Saltwater per news reports has recently downscaled and downpriced its menu, featuring simpler seafood dishes. Could be a good move downtown, but I'd be curious to know how it is.

            1. re: Jim M

              I had heard the same but I haven't spoken to any one that has been recently.

          2. Union Street is consistently good -- had a great crab cake last time.