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Aug 11, 2009 02:35 PM

Amazing Birthday Cake

I'm looking for an amazing cake for a coworker's birthday...No lemon...nothing overtly chocolate. We've ODed on Sweet Lady Jane triple berry and I'm trying to think of something great! Any suggestions...I travel from Sherman Oaks to Culver City so I've got a pretty wide span of locations...

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  1. What about Susiecakes in Brentwood or Jamaica's Cakes in WLA? Neither are far off the 405...

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    1. re: mollyomormon

      We're almost always on the same page mollyo, but I gotta throw out a dissenting opinion concerning Jamaica's Cakes. I've had decent cakes from them in the past (nothing special), but the last one (a red velvet) was just terrible.

      1. re: vinosnob

        Ha! I actually don't love Jamaica's either (although they're pretty) but I know many on the board do and chalk it up to different cake tastes. But the red velvet at Susiecakes, to me, is the best cake in the city.

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          Good to have you back in good standing! :)

    2. Hummingbird Cake from BigsugarBakeshop! If you've never had hummingbird cake (it's a southern thang) contains bananas and pecans and pineapple and I'm not sure what else....but it's good!

      1. i really like the parisian at emil's swiss pastry. it's chocolate with chocolate shavings - but really moist and light. delicious. emil's is on santa monica blvd. in west LA (near barrington).

        also - i used to have great luck with the strawberry w/white cake and whipped cream frosting at paris pastry. yum! it's on westwood boulevard near ohio.

        1. If you like red velvet, Lark on Sunset in Silverlake is terrific.

          1. I've always loved Phoenix bakery in Chinatown for their light, white, strawberry and whipped cream filled cakes with toasted almonds. I've had lots of happy birthday memories from there.

            Phoenix Bakery
            969 N. Broadway
            Los Angeles

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                Is Burbank too far? If you have time go to Portos in Burbank. They have a large variety and books of photos of the cakes they have done. I have never heard of anyone being unhappy with taste or prices. There there are always people ordering or picking up cakes,often more than one.