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Aug 11, 2009 02:34 PM

Bolete vs The Farmhouse

I will be in the Bethlehem area shortly for a one night stay. I would appreciate guidance regarding which of the above two restaurants I should choose for my one dinner in the area.
Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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  1. They are both excellent. It will be a tough choice. I have been to both several times and it is always an enjoyable experience. If you are staying in the Bethlehem area go to Bolete. If you are staying in the Allentown area go to the Farmhouse. Although if I could only do one it would be Bolete

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      Thanks for the guidance. Since we will be staying in Bethlehem on this visit, we will try Bolete.

      1. re: mlzeats

        Just thought I would follow up . Ate at Bolete and it was excellent., not one misstep. The prices were fair and significantly lower than NYC (where we do most of our dining) for comparable quality.

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          Glad I didn't steer you wrong. We went there again last Thursday to celebrate our anniversary. We both had the tasting menu with wine pairings and it was great. We had the same server we had our first time. He is very knowledgeable about the food and the wine. He used to own a small restaurant in Brooklyn and the owners recruited him to move here to the Valley shortly after they opened

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            I know it's too late but I'll put in my 2 cents anyway. We used to eat at the Farmhouse a lot but Bolete has definitely become our go-to restaurant for nice meals out. Farmhouse seemed to go downhill a little, IMO, in the last couple of years, though I assume you can still get a pretty good meal there, probably second best (next to Bolete) in the valley. Bolete has been right on point each time we go there.

            folprivate -- can you give some more info about the tasting menu? We're hoping to have it sometime soon.

            1. re: lvsnyder

              It is available Tue, Wed & Thu night. Price is $75 and another $50 if you opt for the wine pairing (which we have twice). I am embarassed I can't remember all of the courses but I will do what I can- for some of the courses they gave my wife and I different items as well as different wines
              Amuse Bouche - raw oyster with citrus dressing and a crisped mushroom
              1st course - tuna tartare & I had a house smoked salmon with creme fresh and sturgeon caviar
              2nd course - Soups constructed at the table - Gazpacho (amazing presentation and flavors) and they gave me a roasted corn soup with crab and peppers in the center
              3rd course - scallop over a pork belly ravioli with a decadent sauce - absolutely our favorite course
              4th course - sturgeon
              5th course - ribeye and I had duck both done perfectly
              dessert was lemon verbena ice cream with a homemade preserve filled beignet
              Wines were all good choices from italian prosecco for the amuse and 1st course through domestic and european choices that all paired well with the courses (at first I had doubts about the Pinot Noir with the scallop and ravioli but the sauce under the perfectly cooked scallop was perfectly complemented by the pinot) The small cordial glass of an italian sweet wine I had never heard of with the dessert was perfect. All were small enough pours that over the 3 hour well paced meal I was still able to drive home. Just writing this makes me want to go back.

              1. re: folprivate

                Thanks for the review folprivate. Can't wait to do it ourselves. We're planning to go for the tasting menu in mid-Nov, unless we can find an excuse to do it sooner. :)