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Aug 11, 2009 02:29 PM

Mill River Inn still open ?

I have been calling there for a week, no answer and no answering machine. Also, checked their web site today, it is down. Is this place still open? Maybe they are on vacation ? But these two circumstances are a bit odd.

Great place, I hope it is still open.

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  1. We were there about 6 weeks ago for dinner. They are definitely closed Mondays and Tuesdays. I was a little disappointed in our meal. I enjoyed mine, but the service was really not too good. My husband was not crazy about what he had. It definitely could have closed.

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      Surprised to hear about the service. Service there is usually great as is the food.

      1. re: egoer

        It is likely be closed. I know the owners were trying to sell. Perhaps that fell through and they just closed up shop? Their website is gone, as is the one for Tupelo Honey in Sea Cliff. Same owners - Tupelo closed last Fall w intentions of reopening this year, but apparently did not.

      2. I read in yesterday's Newsday that it is closed.

        1. Saw in a real estate magazine that it's for sale. I have not eaten their in some time but it never stood out as amazing to me.