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Aug 11, 2009 02:12 PM

Chinatown Deluxe Food Market - prepared foods (uncooked) recs?

Hey all. I live nearby and while I've been enough times to pick up some frozen items and a bun or two, I have never gotten around to ordering any of the pre-marinated meats. Does anyone have any recs? It might be stupid to try and eat chinese and keep it healthy, but lets try. For the record I was already told the marinated short ribs are great.

Oh if there are any other markets in the area with good marinated fooods that'd be nice to hear about as well.

ready set go...

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  1. while I can't give any recs on the pre-marinated stuff, I did have some very good buns there recently and wanted to spread the word. they have a "big" bun (found at mei lei wah and also at various chinese bakeries; the one with 4 kinds of meat plus egg) that is 4 to a pack for $4 which they label Yunnan Bun (not sure why) but it;s very good; great bun itself, great filling; definitely a machine-made one though so it isn't quite as rustic; the result is fine. they have other 4-packs of bun as well like roast pork, chicken, sticky rice bun and others, those are cheaper. these are found in the fridge section near the elizabeth st. entrance, but also served hot, a la carte. I'm not exactly sure if deluxe makes them or somebody else unfortunately.

    regarding the pre-marinated stuff, I've always picked up those things from the butcher shop on bayard, right near elizabeth; they have good ground fish, I've had their black bean rib tip ("pai gwa", dim-sum style) and also I've bought some good cooked, braised tendon, beef shin/shank and other stuff in the front window.

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      I ended up getting some kind of chicken in a mushroom sauce. It wasnt bad, but I nothing great either. The frozen dumplings are pretty good, I never got the short ribs cuz. Will have to try them soon.