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Aug 11, 2009 01:49 PM

Whole Fresh Coriander

I'm in need of large amounts of Whole Fresh Coriander for my business. For those that arent familiar it's Cilantro - but the whole plant, root, stem and leaf. For the most part I need good quantities of the root as (of course) I can find Cilantro anywhere. I've all but given up finding it in Calgary but figured I'd try you guys.. Any ideas? Anyone? Generally farmers don't grow the root for too long, they harvest once the plant has gone to seed.

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  1. Maybe T&T or one of the East Indian stores up in the far NE.

    I have a load of plants in my garden here in Canmore - what do you do with the whole plant out of interest!!

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    1. re: graemejw

      Tried T&T, called few Indian stores and talked to some Indian friends - apparently they dont use the root at all. I've started a business making Thai Curries and although I have an alternative for now this is the last truely 'authentic' ingredient I need to find.

      1. re: tmanna

        Hi tmanna...

        In Vancouver, I can get coriander with root at Vietnamese grocers. You might want to tune your search for one of those.

        1. re: fmed

          Ditto if you have a Thai grocer -- I make a number of Thai recipes that call for coriander root only. I sometimes luck out with my local greengrocer too but that is hit and miss and of course I'm not looking for bulk. Good luck!

    2. Have you checked farmer's markets? If nothing else, you could make some future connections with farmers to maybe set aside bunches for you with roots....