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Aug 11, 2009 01:47 PM

Niagara on the lake

Need some recommendations for a few good restaurants. Will be there for 4 nights in October. Thanks

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  1. I say this every time someone asks about NOTL and no one seems to take me up on it. The Olde Angel Inn. It's nothing fancy but it's a quaint little pub with lots of British fare on the menu and resident ghost. If you believe in that kinda stuff.

    We ate there again on Saturday and once again, it was excellent.


    1. I always recommend the Stone Road Grille. Don't be deterred by it's quirky location in a stripmall. Food, atmosphere, personality, service are all top notch. Other good spots are winery restaurants at Peller Estates or Hillebrand. Anna Olson's place in St Davids, a 10-minute drive from NOTL, is great for lunch. The Charles Inn on the main street, by the golf course has a nice patio and verandah, and good food.

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        For lunch, which would you recommend between Peller and Hillebrand if you could only choose one?

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          Though both are good, we prefer Peller both from food and view/ambiance perspectives.

      2. Definitely Stone Road Grille and About Thyme, which is located in Vineland, a short, scenic drive from NOTL. Both more reasonably priced than winery restos; SRG is the pricier of the two, and the menu is a little more elaborate than About Thyme, but both are excellent value for the area, in my opinion. A wonderful lunch can be had at Olson Foods, as corporal nym points out, and I also recommend The Pie Plate in Virgil. Both of these latter places offer seating, yummy lunches, and delicious sweets.

        1. I have to respectfully disagree with the Angel Inn for food (for a pint, it's great). I've had truly disgusting food there (uncooked chicken burger with soggy fries and iceberg lettuce?).

          I quite like the bar at the Queen's Landing. If the weather is nice, their patio is lovely.
          Peller Estates is a treat for dinner. I also like Terroir La Cachette at Strewn.

          And, not too long ago I had a good meal at the Anchorage, of all places. It was cheap and the ingredients were great. This surprised me b/c they used to be a frozen burgers and alfredo sauce from a package type of place.

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            We always opt for the British fare so I can't comment on the chicken burger.


          2. If you're staying in NOTL and are prepared to drive for 30-40 minutes I'd suggest going to Treadwells in Port Dalhousie. It's just outside St Catherine's. It has a very attractive setting as it overlooks the old canal and uses only local ingredients. The zucchini blossoms and local fish I had there on Sunday were both excellent.