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Aug 11, 2009 01:39 PM

Chow at or near Metrodome? [MSP]

Visiting thw Twin Cities and going to a Twins game. Anything good in or near the Dome? I did a search, and the threads I saw suggested that the stadium options aren't good, and that there isn't much around the ballpark. Has anything changed? Any new options? Thanks!

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  1. This topic was covered recently here (though in a not-terribly clearly title thread, so its understandable if you missed it):

    the bottom line: the pickins are slim. if you must eat at the dome your best bets are to get there early and pick up something from the plaza, as Famous Dave's decidedly mediocre 'cue is probably one of the better options - my better half likes the turkey brats, and the soft serve is fine to okay, but i generally bring food in, which it should be noted is absolutely your best option.

    if you post where you will be staying/coming from we can maybe suggest worthy stops for stuff to bring with.

    1. EOS, here's a pretty thread with some active sub-discussion of Metrodome fare. EBM has a booth OUTSIDE the dome on the "plaza" or whatever they call it but only before the game. They sell lukewarm burritos. I think your best best in the dome is the Famous Dave's booth. Or just break down and go all local, but not chowhound'ish, and get a "dome dog": Hormel dog, with Old Dutch Potato Chips, and local brew of your choice. You can wait in line for Dairy Queen in a Twin's helmet.

      One of the booths sells foot-long Chicago-style dogs there, which I always want to try, except that I don't think I can eat the whole thing.

      Good luck and Go Twins!

      As far as what's nearby the Metrodome, it really depends on your definition of nearby... If you can stand, say, a 20-minute walk and you're a fast walker, you can have more options than you think. But, really, nearby, as in a couple of blocks, not too much.


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        "Foot-long Chicago-style dogs" sounds to a native Chicagoan like "Minnesota State Fair's gently poached food-on-a-stick." Chicagoans don't do foot-longs.

        1. re: Jordan

          I know. But, I'm not a purist, especially in matters where the options are limited. :) If it tastes good, I'm fine with it, although, in this case, I cannot vouch for how it tastes because I haven't tried it.


          1. re: The Dairy Queen

            TDQ looks like we cross posted yesterday. I, too, have seen and i guess been tempted by the foot long chicago-style dogs but have always managed to pass. As i said in my first post, the turkey brats are not inedibly, and the dome dogs are classic but best on wednesdays (hey, tonight!) when they only cost a buck (be prepared to wait in line)

            a note on toppings - the metrodome has discontinued self-serve sauerkraut containers int he condiment racks and instead gives out measly solo cups with maybe a tablespoon on a good day. i have had to, and successfully, ask for two with my dog, but does anyone have a possible explanation? my immediate thought was for sanitation, but the onion dispensers remain unchanged. this is, as far as i can tell, a dome idiosyncrasy, and one i hope is fixed at the new park.

            1. re: tex.s.toast

              Lets hope they totally re-think their idea of ball park fare with the new Target Field. I would love to see them take the food to another level. Maybe a walleye sandwich walleye fingers or walleye cakes. Carnitas or another ethnic option Pho perhaps. Some Jucy Lucy's..........I know this is a stretch but I get so jealous when I see all the delicious food Red Sox, Yankee and Chi sox fans get to indulge in.

      2. My advice would be to park on the west end of the light rail, eat something in that area and take the rail to the game.