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Aug 11, 2009 01:26 PM

Best Choice for group business lunch in Lawrenceville/Princeton area?

Forgive me if this topic has been covered, but I haven't found anything recent.
Out of town vendors (Toronto) are visiting our Lawrenceville office and treating 13-15 of us to lunch.
I'd like to point them to somewhere that serves good food at a reasonable price, is not too loud, and can accommodate a group this size with last minute reservations (they will be here Thursday).
I'm the worst person to have in charge of this, because I am so indecisive. In the running are:
Leonardo's on Rt. 1
Chamber's Walk
Mediterra (downtown Princeton parking etc. may be a mistake)
Salt Creek Grill (thinking this may be too pricey)
Tre Piani
Main Street

Any opinions on these, or any others to suggest? Also don't want to stray too far from the office, since we'll have to be back within 2 hours and back to work...

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  1. from your list, I would skip Salt Creek as it gets extremely loud unless you get a private room. Main Street would probably work out well.

    I'd also suggest One 53 in Rocky Hill, <1mile from the Route 206/518 intersection. They're now serving lunches on Thursdays & Fridays. For your group, I'd request the wine cellar where they have (2) long, communal tables both seating about 20.
    lunch menu

    1. Tre Piani in Forestal Village is worth considering
      I've had a number of biz lunches and dinners there - good food, decent atmosphere and service

      1. If you're really in Lawrence then the round trip to Tre Piani could carve 35-45 minutes out of your available time. But it's a good option otherwise. Main Street is a little closer but not much.

        Chambers Walk is good and local, but a party of that size would be a stretch unless you made advance arrangements. For example, at lunch you order at the register and they bring out your food.

        Not on your list but a new option might be BT Bistro on Route 1. I haven't been but it has got some favorable notices here and elsewhere.

        1. Of the restaurants you list, I would opt for Main Street. Parking is no problem (the restaurant is in a shopping center), food is very good and prices are reasonable. The only thing I'm not sure of is whether they could handle a large group.

          Dare I mention Lahiere's in downtown Princeton? Several years ago it was getting a lot of negative comments but in the last year or so I've read many positive ones. Parking could be an issue but if you park in one of the underground lots you should be OK. Lunch prices are pretty reasonable with many items in the $10-$15 range. And they most definitely can handle a group your size.

          1. I'd agree with mercerchow. I frequently have taken out larger groups, and it does take some advance planning. Last time I took 9 people to Chambers Walk it was a bit of a pain with the ordering at the register, etc. Also, the food did not all come out at the same time, which is a bit awkward. Do call ahead to reserve a table there or you'll be sorry!
            Where exactly in Lawrence are you? I agree that going to to Forrestal Village is a bit of a ride, depending where you are in Lawrence. And while I really like Main Street, that's also a ride and sometimes parking there is a problem.