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Aug 11, 2009 01:17 PM

Trying to find Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce in Elmhurst / Jackson Heights area

I've hit all the supermarkets/chinese markets in Elmhurst, Patel Bros, Bravo on Roosevelt, Met Foods and Ctown on37th with no avail. Has anyone see this bbq sauce locally somewhere?
Pioneer supermarket on 43 ave used to carry it but no longer.

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  1. Sorry I can't help you on that, but I will say I've been hooked on Dinosaur BBQ sauce. Have been getting it at Fairway.

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      Fairway also carries Sweet Baby Ray's (at a great price)--but not the geography you asked about. Can't give you any closer suggestions.

    2. I get all of mine at costco. I notice Safeway and Albertson's have it also, just smaller bottles.

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        sadly, we do not have the last two in nyc. that is good sauce!

      2. I use sweet baby rays on some ribs, when I think folks want something sweet and gooey. I prefer my ribs with just rub on them.

        A good place to get all kinds of specialty rubs and sauces is This is where lots of competition teams get their stuff. I like Big Bob Gibson's Alabama red sauce myself. I bring in a case a year.

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          out here in Long Island they have tons of bottles in just about every supermarket, maybe if u can find your way to one of the big supermarkets in Long Island City on Northern Blvd they would probably have it. I know there is a Pathmark, and some other one that used to be called Edwards when I lived in Queens 10+ years ago. Isn't there a Walbaums on like 76th or 77th st a couple of blocks north of Northern Blvd. I would imagine they would have it.

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            Ah, yeah. There's a Walbaums next to Cannelle Patisserie. I'll check it out next time I head out there for some pastries. Hopefully they'll carry it. Thank you all for your replies.

          2. re: duck833

            I agree with the Big Bob Gibson red sauce.. that stuff is the best... with the Sweet Baby Ray's... I found some at Big Lots, but then again I'm in KY and we have the sauce at our local markets...

            1. re: Lightsuprooms

              Two for Bob Gibson. I'm going to keep and eye out for this. Thank you for your suggestions.

          3. The original comment has been removed
            1. I think it's you - cause isn't that part of what chowhound is about - sharing sources for excellent food and products. Personally I had no idea you could get Sweet Baby Rays in NYC at all and was thrilled to find this post. Was just talking to a friend in Ohio and mentioned that I had to get Sweet Baby Rays in Philly or Baltimore - had no idea it was available in NY area.

              by the way, to the poster who mentioned they get it at COSTCO - which Costco do you get it at??? Thanks for the info

              1. re: Flaco


                Keep making assumptions. When I lived in Brooklyn and later in the city, I did use Stubbs. It was available to me locally but no longer. Now, I prefer Sweet Baby Rays. If you read my original post, I wrote that the sauce was available locally at one point but no longer.

                Before you make any more assumptions, I asked this question hoping to find the sauce LOCALLY in my neighborhood. I've always bought things locally. I don't know why it bothers you so much that some of us prefer this brand of sauce and hope to find it within walking distance.

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                  It ain't you Tokimoki and I apologize although since the thread's been scrubbed clean of any discord others will just scratch their heads. It is true I'm not fond of how SBR's got over with their cutesy history when the truth is it's just another generic sauce but who cares we all have Heinz in the cupboard, right? My beef (which I should have kept quiet about) is that Chowhound's gone from "where's the arepa lady in JH to where's the Miracle Whip in Billyburg?" I'm sure this will be scrubbed as well and maybe I should just move along. I wish you all the best and salute your localism.

            2. Shoprite has it, on McDonald Avenue in Brooklyn. Not sure if there's a branch near you, though, sorry. Have you checked whether the brand has a website with a store locator?

              ETA: Yes, they do. By specific product, even. Try this to locate stores in your area that have the specific Sweet Baby Ray's product you want: