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Aug 11, 2009 01:05 PM

Italian for 40 people in South Philly


I'm planning a dinner for 40 people. Any restaurants in South Philadelphia that can accomodate that many people and also has parking?

Thank you

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  1. lots of places that will hold 40, but a parking lot is rare - there are some municipal ones near the Italian Market and on Passyunk, but I don't know that you could guarantee parking in them. Are you looking for red gravy Italian American or new school (to us!) regional Italian?

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      The municipal parking lot on 12th and Passyunk is now metered. 3 hour parking from 10-10, except Sundays and Permit #23.

    2. The first place that came to mind- before I even saw you needed parking- was Popi's. We had a bridal shower there and they can definitely accommodate a group of your size, with parking.

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        Thanks for the idea. I've never been there. How is the food?

        1. re: joan1725

          Here is their website. The food is pretty good, but if you need parking they are pretty much the only alternative in South Philly.

          1. re: Philly Ray

            they're food is decent, but they do have parking. also, they are not really in the neighborhoody part of south philly, so check it out before you decide.

            marra's can accomodate 40 in their upstairs room, but the food is hit or miss (and i love the pizza there, but that is a hotly contested point). parking around there is tricky. mezza luna can accommodate a group that big, but they are switching locations right now, but they are near three municipal lots and they have valet parking. and if you want to spend money, the saloon has valet and can easily fit a group that big in one of their rooms.

            also, dante and luigi's has valet and is my favorite italian-american joint in the city. they have a good set-up for groups, but you have to negotiate the times with them pretty carefully....

            1. re: mazza3

              Tre Scalini on E Passyunk is another option. The food is fantastic and they can handle 40 in their upstairs area. But it suffers the same parking issues as Marra's. They might have some ideas about that if you call them, though.

      2. Thanks

        They are a red gravy type of group.

        1. Yea , Popis. They have the lot and they have the back room that we use sometimes. Food is good. Nice crabcakes.

          1. I'm sure Villa d'Roma can handle 40 in the side room. (cue Villa d'Roma debate) There is a lot right around the corner, but I've never used it.