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Edmonton Coffee - 105 St NW & 103 Ave NW

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I'll be staying near this intersection next week, and wondered where I ought to get morning coffee

I'm happy to walk for about 10-15 minutes for coffee, but not really prepared to catch a bus or subway or trek all over town first thing in the morning

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  1. The Sobey's on 104st and jasper ave brews St. city roasters a local roaster based out of St. Albert and I really like their coffee. plus before ten am a cup of it is only a dollar.

    1. Try Creedo Coffee at 10134 - 104 Street

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        Yes, Creedo make great coffee!!!

        1. Axis Cafe is also close to where you are staying, and make some pretty decent coffee.


          1. You're only a few blocks from one of the best coffee shops in Edmonton! As far as I know, it's the only cafe in the city that carries Intelligentsia coffee beans.
            Three Bananas Cafe: 9918-102 Ave, ph: 780-428-2200

            Just take a leisurely walk on 103 Ave. towards City Hall (east) and cut through Sir Winston Churchill Square. It should only take about an easy 15 minutes.

            Believe me, it's worth the walk.

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              What's the closest cross street to Three Bananas, do you know, please?

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                Three Bananas is located in Sir Winston Churchill Square, which takes up the block between 99th and 100th streets, and 102 ave and 103 ave. It's basically on the corner of 102 ave and 100 street. And it does have fabulous coffee, and nice casual lunches.
                9918 102 Avenue Nw
                Edmonton, AB T5J 5H7
                (780) 428-2200

            2. Credo serves Intelligentsia coffee (and the macchiatto I had this morning was very very good)

              Inside knowledge tells me the coffee has gone downhill at Three Bananas recently. True?

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                I can't comment on Three Bananas, but Credo is a much closer walk.

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                  I've had coffee at Credo pretty much every morning since I arrived here

                  Absolutely no complaints

                  If this place was in my town, I'd make a point of going there

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                    Glad to hear you enjoyed Credo !!!

              2. Credo is great! especially with there art that they do puts a nice finish touch to it

                1. Agreed on the Three Bananas. I've had Credo, and it's about the same quality I think. My personal favourite, if you can make it there, as it's not downtown, is either Cafe Leva by the university, or Transcend Coffee (but that's a bit of a drive, being on the southish end of the city.

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                    Credo and three bananas both use the same coffee. (Intelligesta... spelling?)

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                        Yes, I know, but coffee tastes different depending on where it's made.