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Blind Lady Ale $$$$

I want Blind Lady to be good. I want it to be very good. They have a great beer selection and pretty good beer prices. They should offer pitchers. I think they need to work on their pizza prices. I have a hard time justifing 13+ for an individual pizza. They do have two for under 10, but they lack cheese and flavor.

My other peeve was that they were playing the same soccer match on both the screen and on the very very small tv at the bar. I was out with friends and it would have been fun to watch a baseball game on the large movie screen. If your excuse is that no tv allows people to talk, I get that, but the acoustics are extremely poor and it is hard to hear anything.

I want to support local business in my community, but for that support I need a little give back, like affordable prices. It does not make me feel good or a part of the community to pay to much for a product that I know should be less. I feel taken advantage of.

I was there recently and we had the marinara pizza for 7 and Margherita was 8. The Margherita was much better. The sauce on the marinara made the pie shell get soft and wilty. I think the community would be better served if they lowered their prices.

A family sized pie at Bronx or Sicillian thing are inthe 14 range, but no beer.

Oggies lacks the ambiance and neighborhood feel of Oggies, but they do have the beer selection and their pizza prices are lower price and they have a good happy hour that includes food. they also have coupons. At oogies a family will spend about 44. Kids are 5 each, pizza for 2 is 19 and a pitcher is around 12. They also have a on line 5 off coupon if you spend 30. I can also watch a variety of sports.

A family of four will spend an average of $60 at Blind Lady.

4 beers 5 each 20
2 kids pizza 10
2 cans of lemon soda 2
2 adult pizzas 26

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  1. Bronx has much lower overhead than Blind Lady. They serve with paper plates and styrofoam cups, have no employees bringing food to tables, and they use 100% commodity ingredients for everything.

    Blind Lady uses a lot of local and organic produce, makes most everything in-house, and uses really nice cheeses to make their pies.

    I don't think it's reasonable to expect Bronx pricing at Blind Lady. The product and service level are completely dissimilar. Another way to look at it is if you want Bronx-style pizza and prices, you can go to Bronx or Luigi's. If you want what Blind Lady does, then you pay what they charge.

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      You make a good point, I just feel their pizza is lacking in flavor and substance, and a bit overpriced for what you are getting. I would like to see a plain cheese pizza on their menu for 8. I think they should have a plasma with sports or retro music videos like the English Beat, Joe Jackson or Elvis Costello. The bar tv is a joke. I wanted to go there to watch the Lakers play,I called ahead, and they were not sure if they would even put it on the small tv.

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        I don't know - your criticisms all sound to me like you wish they were a different restaurant. Personally I love the fact that they don't have TVs playing sports all the time. I like that they keep the music down. I like the atmosphere how it is. They could use a little more soundproofing, because it can get loud when a lot of people are talking, but overall I think the vibe of the place is damn near ideal for me. Horses for courses, right?

    2. I think any comparison between Oggi's and BLAH is way off base. The quality of the food at BLAH blows OGGI's out of the water and while you can get dough with toppings at both, I cant even really put them in the same food category. To me, paying $16 more for a meal at BLAH vs. a meal at OGGIs is a no-brainer.

      The pizzas at BLAH have been slightly inconsistent in that the Margarita has tasted different different times we have been there, but generally taste good. While you can get excellent pizza for less money at Luigi's or Bronx, an individual pizza at BLAH is enough food for me for dinner, especially if I split a salad as well. That winds up being about $20 for 1/2 salad and a pizza - not an unreasonable price for an dinner that may include good quality salumi or house-made sausage.

      In my opinion, they have the best food of any beer bar in SD and a selection that is second to none. They also serve in glassware that is marked to insure a full sized pour with proper head.

      In regards to the TVs vs. No-TVs debate, that is totally a personal preference, and for me, I would like them to have flat screens everywhere with every sports package available. I agree that the noise level can be uncomfortable and I hate that people are hanging over you waiting for your table.

      I can understand that you would prefer them to be less expensive and that you would prefer that their contribution to your neighborhood be a low cost place to eat and drink. However, from my outsider's perspective, I would say that they are contributing a place that welcomes families, uses artisan meats and almost exclusively local produce as well as a business that participates in numerous local charities. I strongly disagree with the feeling that they are somehow taking advantage of people.

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        Oggies is pretty grim in my opinion.

      2. I'm not really sure I would consider Blind Lady's pizzas personal size pizzas. I'd be pretty hard pressed to eat a whole one by myself and it seems more like a good size for 2 people (especially if you get a salad or app along with it). Yeah it's smaller than Bronx or whatever but it's not that much smaller and the food is far more satisfying. Plus as Josh mentioned, they use much better quality ingredients.

        Was there some special soccer match going on at the time? If so, that could be why they were hesitant to change it. I know they do advertise showing certain games from time to time.

        They do offer pitchers of beer at certain times on certain days: http://blindlady.blogspot.com/2009/08...

        1. I love BLAH and though I don't agree it's in the $$$$ category, it's pricey enough that I can't eat there as much as I'd like. I don't have a problem with the prices at all, I don't think paying $13 for a pizza like Blind Lady's egg and sausage pizza is too much to ask at all. I have the major setback of being a wine drinker (I know it's a beer place, but throw us wine drinkers a bone, BLAH!) and usually a single diner. Lunch is $40 including tax and tip. For me, a splurge but one I am willing to make. Actually that's not bad considering I have the rest of my pizza for dinner.

          Don't miss the TVs either. I can even deal with all the kids - it's just a part of BLAH's charm.

          In a perfect world, BLAH would do something like a mini-pizza/salad for us solo diners and have a few more reasonable wines by the glass. In the not so perfect world, I'll still make my trek out there one Sunday afternoon a month.

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          1. re: Shannon

            I used to be a wine person before I got into craft beer. Do you dislike beer? Have you tried some of the various options at BLAH?

            1. re: Josh

              I do like craft beer... I hang out at the Vine a lot (where everyone is into beer) and have a good friend who works for Stone so I am always trying sips here and there. It is drinking a whole one that is hard for me but this is probably just a mindset. Next time - I'll try to break out of my box.

              1. re: Shannon

                One thing that may help you is that Blind Lady will do short pours. I think you can get beers as small as 8 oz. there.

          2. I think it's hard to compare a pizza place to BL. Certainly ingredients play a big part, not sure if most pizza places use quality tomatoes, mozz, etc. let alone an outstanding dough. IMO, their beer is priced well (4 beers for $20) and I think a single pizza will feed 2. A Marghertia for 8 sounds fair to me, actually it's one of my fav's, purely simple.

            1. Funny, I think that Blind Lady's pizzas are reasonably priced for the ingredients they use, but the beers are a bit more pricey than other beer bars. And why are 90% of the beers wits/saisons/hefes/pales? No love for dark beers? They go great with pizza.

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                Weren't they heavy on stouts and porters when the weather was a little cooler?

              2. Let me start off and say that I really wanted to like this place. I went with a buddy of mine who had been 2x before, so he knew the drill. Go in and scout out an empty table, if there is one grab it.
                (Step 1.) Then send one person to grab a food menu- decide what you want and (Step 2.) send one person up to the FOOD ONLY counter to order your food. On way back to table grab plates, silverware and napkins for the night. Don't forget to try and read the chicken scratch chalkboard listing the 14 +/- beers on tap. (Step 3.) Tell your buddy what beer you want and send him up to wait in line at the BEER/BEVERAGE ONLY counter. You must wait in line behind several people who all have questions on at least 6-9 of the unusual beers on the chalkboard. 10 min. later you finally get a chance to order your beers and open a tab. Go back to table with your 2 beers. Your salads have already arrived and you enjoy them, and then the pizza comes. It is average to good. Thin crust, hand tossed with great selection of toppings. We tried the chorizo and were hopping for some of the spice or bite you get from chorizo...none to be found, it was pretty bland. (Step 4.) While you are eating your pizza you run out of beer and you have to go through step 3 again. 10 min. later get back to your table and cold pizza. (Step 5.) Go up to beverage counter again and wait in line for yet another 10 min. to ask for and pay your bar tab.
                As we walked out we both commented how bad this dining concept is. We barley had much time to enjoy each others company and carry on a conversation with all the up and down (the 5 Steps) and waiting in lines.

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                1. re: MrBear

                  You were ale to put my exact thoughts into words, everything you wrote, I also intended to say. You hit the nail on the head, the blandness of the chorizo, the waiting in multiple lines etc etc. If they had pitchers, you would not have run out...at least as fast.

                  1. re: normalheightsfoodie

                    I find your comments to be really weird. You like Oggi's, which oozes mediocrity out of every pore, but are going to pick on Blind Lady because of the chorizo?

                  2. re: MrBear

                    I like that you "barley had much time" while having some good beers lol

                    1. re: MrKrispy

                      He could have taken a few 'hops' to the beer line.

                    2. re: MrBear

                      I guess the format is not for everyone but I've found it to be pretty efficient and I like that I can dictate my own pace. The ordering system actually reminds me a lot of dining in Australia.

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                        Agree MrBear. They have the single most absurd system for seating and ordering I have ever encountered, and the staff does nothing to free up tables occupied by people lingering over a beer for half an hour on a busy weekend night. I could care less about the quality of the food and beer if I have to wait around for an hour to try to get a table while my pizza is going cold.

                      2. For me, BLAH is a bargain. !2 - 14 dollars for a large meal made of top quality, flavorful, sustainably produced ingredients is hard to beat. I like Bronx and Sicilian Thing, too, but the ingredients don't come close to the quality at BLAH.

                        1. The brilliance of BLAH is that what it does, it does purty darn well. It doesn't do four kinds of regional bbq, it doesn't do family-style AND fourteen-tv sports bar. It doesn't do intimate. It doesn't do great service. It doesn't do pizza mounded with toppings.

                          It just is what it is. If more places in SD would do that and quit trying to be everything to everyone all at once, we might get better restaurants and more authenticity.

                          Chef Aaron made me laugh. He said that BLAH is pretty quiet on Sat/Sun afternoons, when the only patrons are dads with their kids. I could just imagine: mom hands dad the kids for his day "on." Dad heads to the pizza place where he can have great beer. . .

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                            I feel the same way - I would love to live a place filled with restaurants that fill one small niche and do so extremely well.