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Aug 11, 2009 12:06 PM

Outer Banks/Duck, NC

Heading to Duck next week - does anyone have any recommendations for good food? Thanks.

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    1. re: equal_Mark

      In Duck, Red Sky Cafe. Casual for lunch. More upscale for dinner.

    2. For upscale:
      Blue Point (excellent for many years) and Aqua S (in their 2nd year and becoming excellent,IMO) both are right on the sound for great sunsets/views.

      More casual:
      Fishbones, in Scarborough Faire.
      Roadside Bar and Grill
      Duck Deli for breakfast and lunch.

      We don't care for Red Sky as the service as well as the food has disappointed this year. And don't go to Sunset Bar and Grill. We've tried it twice and it's just plain awful. Terrible service and terrible food.

      1. Had a stellar meal at Blue Point in Duck, NC last week. I booked on OpenTable and asked for a window booth so we could watch the sunset, and the request was honored.
        Food was spot on, coming out of a quiet and orderly kitchen, which can be partially viewed.
        I had the Ginger and Hoisin Short Ribs with Napa Kimchi. 4 meaty ribs, falling off the bone tasted delicious with the acidic foil of the kimchi.
        Their signature lump crab cakes sat in little pools of a watercress sauce, which was verdant and bright and lifted the sweet crab meat.
        DH liked the crab soup (very generous portion), which had a good amount of meat, but wasn't really a she crab soup, and he's eaten a lot of she crab soup in Charleston!
        DH's double rib pork chop was cooked perfectly to medium-- still pink in the middle. The mac and cheese it came with was zippy with whole grain mustard. A good rendition of the comfort food side dish, which most places just don't get right.
        We had the dessert special of pound cake (moistened with a simple syrup, I believe) topped with strawberries and cream. Coffee with dessert was served in generous size mugs, thank you!
        The Lifesaving Station in Sanderling was mostly forgettable. My crab chowder had thin strands of backfin crab, but tasted OK.
        My shrimp dish had a generous amount of shrimp, but unfortunately, they were overcooked to death.
        No dessert as I was freezing my ass off underneath a ceiling full of fans that caused an uncomfortable breeze. I don't see how any food can stay hot for very long underneath!