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Aug 11, 2009 11:43 AM

Chow in my supermarket?

One of my many gripes with the post-modern supermarket is the relentless advertising that we shoppers must endure. Displays are not enough, apparently, we now also must listen to commercials at the checkout and produce aisle.

I popped in yesterday after work to pick up some emergency tortillas at my neighborhood Albertson's, and overheard the dreaded television prattling away in the nearby produce area. I attempted to tune it out until I heard familiar sound, and I ran over. There, on the screen was a video produce tip--from Chow.

Wow. More power to yah, Chow, for trying to make the funding work whatever way you can. I can't begrudge you for advertising. But Albertson's? I mean, on the website you spend lots of time talking about quality ingredients and local food, and there's so little of this at my local Albertson's (it's an especially lame one, close to the university). Plus, like I mentioned, being talked to while shopping is really annoying, and now I'm being annoyed by a site I frequent anyway. I like to think the money I spend on things there is enough to keep my supermarket afloat, but apparently not--in-store advertising is now required, too. Sigh.

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  1. advertisers must grab you in new ways as we all dvr/tivo out commercials along w/mp3 out radio spots and we are busy on the phone we dont read billboards anymore,lol, just playing devils advocate as i totally agree with you, at my local homeland a new Lcd monitor really annoys me as i wait in line,,what will they think of next,to keep their product fresh on our minds?