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Aug 11, 2009 11:36 AM

Alberta Food road trip!!!! :)))) Edmonton, Jasper, Banff and Calgary.

Hello everyone... I am going to do a road trip in Alberta and the Canada Rockies and I need some advice about where to this cities:

"Edmonton 4 days, Calgary 4 days, Jasper 1 day and banff 2 days".

Per city:
I need One fancy and several casual restaurants.
(I like the Italian restaurant, french, steak house, seafood, Chinese, Fast food like gyros, shwarma, etc. I am open to suggestions.)

Inexpensive breakfast...Maybe a good public market!!!

Afternoon Tea...

A good Bar with good apetizers and inexpensive drinks "Happy hour"

Also cheap good food for the hurry days.

Please let me know your opinions.

Thanks :)


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  1. Hey Josephml1,

    Calgary has a lot of really great restaurants but I'll leave that to others to answer as I've been out of the loop for the last while. I can tell you without hesitation though that the best shwarma you'll find in the city is Falafal King on 8th ave (downtown). There is one on 17th ave as well but different owners and it doesnt compare. Id also suggest Thi Thi for some amazing Vietnamese subs. You can google it and for addresses (I think there's 3 in the city).
    As far as markets go I really would have to suggest Millarville Market - its just south of Calgary (I may be a little bias because I am a casual vendor out of there) but truely, as far as markets go this one is my favorite. Its authentic and the vendors and people that are down there are just loving life. Enjoy your tour!

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    1. re: tmanna

      I will go to the falafel King I think that is very close to my hotel I will be staying in the Marriot Calgary...
      Thank you for your advice...

      Do you remember the hours of the Millarville Market?

      1. re: josephml1

        The Market is open from 830 - 12 every Saturday until October 10th. This weekend its open till 4 (there's a fair going on at the same time).

        Try some of Falafal King's baklava too. Really good!

        1. re: tmanna

          I will thank you very much for the info, very useful.

          1. re: josephml1

            I heard something about a restaurant named la shish any coments?

            1. re: josephml1

              I think there may be a few outlets (could be totally wrong though). I've stopped in at the spot just north of Jasper Ave (117th/118thish) quite a few times, and I've never been let down by the food.

              1. re: raidar

                i think la shish is a one of a kind...been there a few times, never disappointed.

                1. re: Dan G

                  Thanks for the comments and the advice...:),

      2. re: tmanna

        I'm sorry but falafel king isn't even the best falafel never mind the best shawarma- there is MUCH better shawarma out there and not on pita that is so stale that it's the consistency of cardboard.

        1. re: John Manzo

          Ok, we are open to suggestions...


          1. re: josephml1

            Downtown? I'd go to Pita Express on Stephen Ave, the east end of it in the Epcor Performing Arts Centre. Or Jimmy's A and A in Rocky Mountain Court, 6th Ave and Macleod.

            1. re: John Manzo

              I definitely second the shawarma at Jimmy's A and A. I love the garlicky sauce.

              1. re: miss.foodie

                Well I am a huge fan of the shawarma I will let you know my favorite...

                Thanks Again..

      3. here are some ideas for Calgary:

        Breakfast - Diner Deluxe on Edmonton Tr. for good quality breakfast items (price range around $10-$15); Pfanntastic Pannenkoek Haus on 54St SW just off Crowchild Tr for dutch pancakes (again around $10-$15).

        Brazilian BBQ - Gaucho for their all-u-can-eat rodizio... it's about $35 a person.. they'll come to the table and carve off different kinds of meat... Gaucho is more authentic than

        Bolero is around $40 a person, again all-u-can-eat rodizio. Their sides are not as authentic as Gaucho.
        6920 Macleod Trail Se
        Calgary, AB T2H 0L3
        (403) 259-3119

        French deli - L'Epicerie in the same complex as Bernard callebaut on 1St and 13Ave SE - while it is not a cheap place, they have very high quality food; they have a variety of sandwiches which they make fresh; my favourite is the sud-ouest (foie gras slices on a baguette). Definitely no a cheap place... more like a place to splurge...

        If you like raw oysters, Big Fish on Edmonton Trail (sister restaurant of Diner Deluxe) has $30 for 2 dozen raw oysters every Monday night. I'd say they are very good quality for what you can get in Calgary. You always get 6 different types to choose from - 3 from the east coast; 3 from the west.

        Palomino's for BBQ - this place is across from the Hyatt... but do be careful of the neighborhood, esp. late at night. My favorite is the garlic fries and the smoked 1/2 chicken.

        Coffee - Caffe Artigiano (3rd St and 6 Ave SW) and they also have a new location in the Shell building.

        Tea - Steeps on 17th Ave SW. Note this place is a tea shop (ie. equivalent to a coffee shop)... but not the type that serves cucumber sandwiches etc.

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        1. re: miss.foodie

          Great list, the French Deli sounds great...just to think about the sud-ouest makes me whant to go there ........ :)

          Very good choices I am making a list.

          Thank you for your advice and for taking the time to post in this thread.


        2. Here are some Edmonton suggestions...

          Breakfast: High Level Diner, Blue Plate Diner, Haps Hungry House (old school breakfast joint)

          Italian: Picco Linos or Ragazzi Bistro

          Shwarma: La Shish or Sunbake Pita

          Pizza: Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria is a good place for a pizza and a beer on their patio.

          Chinese: Century Palace in chinatown is my favorite. It's inexpensive and has great seafood.

          If you are in Edmonton on a Saturday, hit the Downtown 104 St market or the Old Strathcona market.

          Personal Favorite: Dadeo Diner for cajun on Whyte Ave.

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          1. re: S_B_Russell

            more for Edmonton: (none of these are area specific, but very few are far from the core). If you want more specific location let us know where you will be staying....

            fancy: Red Ox Inn (a must/reservations needed), The Blue Pear, Culina, Sage, Wildwood
            Breakfast: Culina (a must, not inexpensive, but worth every penny, best breakfast in the city), Urban Diner (inexpensive), on weekends would be (more expensive) Cafe de Ville, Manor Cafe, Wildwood
            Italian: agree with above....add Pazzo Pazzo for family style
            Pizza: agree with above add Tesoro Cafe
            Quick Grabs: Soul Soup, Da Capo for coffee & panini, Tesoro for Panini, Mongoli Express, Oodle Noodle, Bangkok Express
            Bar: Suede or The Hat
            Afternoon Tea: I believe the Hotel MacDonald is the only option, also check Fort Edmonton Park
            Asian: Ban Thai, Nink Kieu (Vietnamese), Cha 4 Tea (Chinese)

            1. re: cleopatra999

              ^Oh yeah, Nink Kieu is pretty rad and inexpensive. I second that suggestion.

              1. re: cleopatra999

                Do you mean Wildflower (wildwood)?

                Hardware Grill is good for fancy too.

                1. re: rob1234

                  yes, Wildflower, thank you for the correction.

                2. re: cleopatra999

                  Excellent choices cleopatra and Rusell, Im making a great list... :)

                  I will be staying in the downtown in the Coast house hotel... but I will have a car and I don´t mind to drive to find a good place for food...

                  1. re: josephml1

                    If you have a car, then in my opinion Sage is worth the drive. It is at the River Cree Resort. They have fantastic steak and truffled mac & cheese. But if you are only doing one 'fancy' place/city, I would recommend Red Ox Inn.

                    1. re: cleopatra999

                      does any one really find sage to be good anymore?? I have been there since the last great chef was there and its very bad now? I used to recomend it, now i dont even go:(

                3. re: S_B_Russell

                  Also Dadeo Diner menu looks great... Cajun food Mhh a good Po boy... and also jambalaya rice...I will be there...Thanks for sharing.
                  That menu remind me a small great joint in New Orleans...


                4. This is my location for the Alberta food trip:
                  1) Edmonton: Coast Edmonton House. Downtown.
                  2) Calgary: Marriot Downtown
                  3) Banff: the Juniper.
                  4) Jasper not sure yet...but I will be in town or near and with a car.

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                  1. re: josephml1

                    No one has tackled Banff yet, so I will recommend both Fuze and Bison for dinners, Bison (weekend only) and Coyote for breakfast. Search recent threads on Banff for details...I think I posted on them recently.

                    And avoid sushi in Banff at all costs - I'd rather starve than eat at any of the sushi places there again - all are horrible.

                    1. re: Dan G

                      If you are driving through Canmore from Calgary stop in for some great eats there. Better than Banff IMO. Especially great are The Trough and Crazyweed. Also great is my favorite casual breakfast joint called The Summit Cafe, mainly a local hangout, plus they have a fabulous view of the mountains from their patio....oh and their magic bars are to die for. Worth the 20min drive from Banff back to Canmore, plus the shops are more interesting there too (less touristy kitch)

                      1. re: cleopatra999

                        Best restaurant I've found in the Calgary area is The Trough in Canmore. Most consistent is Murrietta's in Canmore or Calgary. Other favorites at the higher end of the price range are River Cafe in Calgary and Big Fish in Calgary (haven't heard anything from Big Fish in a while, hopefully it's still good.) The Catch in Calgary still gets fantastic reviews from my out-of-town visitors, sadly I've never been.

                        A cheaper option is Han's in downtown Calgary (Tiawanese).

                        Cheaper options in Canmore include the Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company. Or Luna Blue Pasta. In Banff go to Coyotes Southwestern Grill, it's fantastic, but I think overall the Canmore restaurants are better than the Banff ones. If you must eat in Banff more than once, there are some places with good food but where the ambiance is really what draws: having cheese fondue in Grapes Wine Bar, a 1926 reading room in the Banff Springs Hotel, The Grizzly House fondue place on Banff Avenue (authentic 70's decor!), or the sushi-train (Sushi House Banff) restaurant.

                      2. re: Dan G

                        I am going from Edmonton to Jasper to to Banff and finally to Calgary...

                        Do you have any experience at the Juniper Restaurant??? Muk something...

                        If it worth the trip for food I don´t mind to drive 20 Min to Canmore...

                        Thanks Again.

                        Thanks for the info and also for the restaurants advice...

                        1. re: josephml1

                          I really like Juniper, the patio is nice, with a really great view although the traffic noise is quite loud from the Trans-Canada below. The food is well executed, upmarket pub grub. We live in Canmore & often stop at the Juniper for apres-ski drinks nibbles when we venture through or to Banff - last went about 2 weeks ago on a scorching hot evening & enjoyed calamari, wings & other appetizers washed down with Grasshoppers & wine - just an allround pleasant place to while away a few hours.

                        2. re: Dan G

                          I have said it many times before - our favourite Sushi in the Bow Valley is at the Wild Orchid Bistro here in Canmore.


                          1. re: Dan G

                            My other Banff suggestion would be Wild Flour Bakery for a coffee/casual breakfast.

                        3. Calgary: Phil & Sebastian Coffee Co., located in the Calgary Farmer's Market (which you should also spend an afternoon / lunch there).