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Aug 11, 2009 11:01 AM

wat dong moon lek noodle

it's on fountain in silver lake/los feliz area, has anyone been???

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  1. Not yet, but thanks for the reminder. We walked by when they were still setting up, about six weeks ago. IIRC, it was a young couple and they were very friendly. It's in the strip mall across from the Kitchen.

    There's no chow place listing for it yet. Here's the info from Yelp:

    4356 Fountain Ave
    Los Angeles, CA 90029
    (323) 666-5993

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      we tried this place tonight and were very happy with our meal and found the restaurant very charming overall. it's just a few blocks from home and is open until 10 p.m. (cash only.) we'll be back many times, i'm sure.

      it's a bright little turquoise box of a noodle shop with about 10 tables. there are probably 20 dishes on the menu -- appetizers, noodle soups and noodle/rice dishes. the place seems to be run by three young Thais who are very enthusiastic, and the restaurant has a very young vibe.

      our server told us we would like pad Thai, but we said we where much more adventurous. we pretty much followed his recommendations after that.

      we ordered the "crispy mussels," which is hoi tod, a common appetizer in Thailand that our server said is hard to find in L.A. i had never had this before. he said all the Thais order it, but Americans never do. I'm sure that will change if more chowhounds start checking this place out.

      anyway, the hoi tod it was excellent -- a very simple crispy, eggy crepe with about six or seven mussels embedded in it, served on a bed of quickly stirfried bean sprouts and scallions. i would go back for just this. it came with a smooth sweet chili sauce. i'm sure it would be delicious with beer. (it's BYOB and we didn't.)

      then we had a tom yum soup with udon and chicken, which was also delicious. this was a fairly sour tom yum, fishy in a good fish sauce way. i'm not a big udon fan, but the bf likes it. i was surprised by how good the noodles were. very fresh. i didn't ask if they make them in house. it seems like too tiny of space for that, but perhaps. i'd like to try the tom yum with shrimp.

      we also had a soupy stirfry broad noodle dish with green beans, red peppers and beef. we ordered it medium spicy, and it was the perfect amount of spice for us. the beef was very thin and not of stellar quality, but still very good. they were out of takeout menus, so i'm not sure what this one was called. i would order this again too.

      everything was very fresh. we eat at Sanamluang a lot and this tasted much more fresh, green and thoughtful to me. i look forward to trying more on the menu.

      it was $25 for the three dishes, so perhaps a bit more expensive than some Thaitown spots, but only by a few bucks. they also have fruity drinks that we did not try.

    2. I've been there once, and had the Hainan Chicken, availble in large or small portions. Pretty good and cheap 6.50, I think. Just a few blocks from my house, worth it for the locals who are too lazy to schlep over to Thaitown a couple miles or so away.

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      1. re: SilverlakePhil

        Wat Dong Moon Lek got a great review in the LA Times this week:

        1. re: latifeh

          i've been there a handful of times since i started this topic. it like it there :)

          1. re: NYCnowLA

            Ate there a couple of days ago. Really liked the vibe. The beef noodles were very good. I think they were a little overwhelmed by the crowd. Had to send a dish back that wasn't cooked enough, but overall I liked it.

            Almost went back there today. Anytime I"m in Silverlake, it will be on my shortlist.

          2. re: latifeh

            Oh, thank god. I am loving having this place down the street and was worried it would go out of business. Please go there, chowhounds!