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Aug 11, 2009 10:51 AM

Tamales Mi Lupita - No Reservations

Has anyone been to the taco truck featured on Bourdain's "No Reservations" show last night? It's located on Foothill Boulevard in Fruitvale.

Share your experience.

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  1. Second-hand report from former East Bay Express critic John Birdsall (which might explain his special-thanks credit):

    1. Damn. Sorry I missed the show. Good for Bourdain for heading into Fruitvale.

      I'm familiar with the truck, but I don't think I've ever had anything from it. Unlike most taco trucks it's not in a spot where you can easily drive up to it. If I have to go to the trouble of finding a parking place, then I'd rather go to their sit down restaurant next door, which makes excellent pupusas. I think there have been some other mentions.

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      1. re: Ruth Lafler

        It's being rerun on 8/17 at 8am and 4pm.

        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          Thank you, Robert - missed it last night!

      2. I just tried Tamales Mi Lupita today. I tried three different things:

        Pork Enchilada: The flavor was great and i loved the crunchy shell, but i found the meat to be a little dry.

        Papusas: These papusas were definitely the best I have ever had. I tried the chicharon and another flavor [forgot the name], both were so excellent that after my meal, I ordered two more papusas for my boyfriend to try later. He tried them and he also agreed they were the best papusas he's ever had. So if you ever go, papusas are a must try!

        Tacos-carnitas: small, but very delicious tacos.

        Oh and the prices are very cheap.

        each papusa is only $2
        each taco is $1.50
        the enchilada was $4

        next time i go, I will try tamales and plantains

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          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            I think their curtido is really great. It's a rough cut of cabbage including carrots and red pepper flakes and a generous amount of mexican oregano. The salsas are not quite as awesome: the green is good and spicy (maybe too much for some people) and the red is tasty but is too thin.

            1. re: foodeye

              Almost every red sauce I've seen served with pupusas has been thin and mild.

              1. re: foodeye

                I found the red sauce to be extremely good with the pupusas. Sure it's thin, but the flavor is fantastic. Tart, onion-y. A perfect complement to the masa.

                I was about to put the chunkier hot salsa on my pupusas when a thuggishly-dressed and menacing looking teen walking by very kindly told me that that salsa was for tacos and such, the thin red sauce was for papusas. Can't argue with that.

          2. I went to Tamales Mi Lupita a couple of weeks ago (as part of a bike tour of taco trucks) and wrote about it on my blog. Search on "Mi Lupita" at the following link and you'll get some feedback:


            Alas, all I tried was a burrito--I'll go back again and try other stuff! Anyway, it seemed like a really good, legit place.

            1. We stopped by last weekend (though I didn't realize there was an active thread). I thought it was great -- my wife ordered 4 tamales (chicken and pork, standard and banana leaf) and fried bananas. It took awhile (like 5 mins) so they handed her a free papusa. Thought the papusa was the best thing. Tamales were great, especially the Mexican ones. Believe it or not, I think the Salvadorean tamales at the Moraga Farmers Market are better.

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              1. re: jmarek

                I went there last month after watching the Bourdain show. Highlight: while waiting in line behind 6 Oakland policemen (safe restaurant!), the owner just sent out to me a free pupusa for my patience. Made a friend for life. Delicious.

                I then ordered a variety of things. All were fine but the pupusas were, for me, by far the best. I will go back and work my way through the whole variety of pupusas they have. Also, you can take your to go orders and sit in their restaurant if you prefer an indoor location. I liked the out of doors ambiance -- Fruitvale District on vibrant Foothill Blvd.

                1. re: cortez

                  I've been there 5 or 6 times now and only once have they neglected to give me a free papusa to enjoy while they are preparing my order.

                  1. re: 10foot5

                    I have a rental property just up the street that I have owned for 15 years.

                    I have eaten there 3-4 times over the years and always found it "nothing to write home about"

                    So many other better taco trucks and Mexican restaurants in the area.

                    One thing that stood out was about 3 years ago I placed a order and paid for it at 2:00 in the afternoon. I then went shopping next door at the market (nice carniceria) and when I returned 10 minutes later they had closed and I was out lunch for 4 people and $25.