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Po or Apizz for birthday?

Hi chowers,

I'm trying to decide between Po or Apizz for my boyfriend's bday dinner. We've been to neither. We're both fans of rustic Italian--though I am slightly more limited as a pescatarian, but i always find something to eat.

Which is better (food, atmosphere, overall experience?) and what dishes would you recommend? Is Po still good post-Batali? We're fans of moderate but tasty Italian places like Lupa, Babbo, Cacio e Pepe, Perbacco, Gnocco, Max-- but would like something a little more special since it's a birthday.

(on another note, if people have other recommendations, be my guest!)


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  1. Apizz for sure. The weather might be a little hot for that wood oven. But otherwise, I prefer food, atmosphere, etc. at Apizz. Much more romantic and special occasion than Po, which is solid but not particularly special imo.

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      Apizz all the way. Nice and romantic. Get the meatballs for an app.

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        Second the meatballs, which are enormous and delicious. Very rustic.

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        >>solid but not particularly special imo.

        This is a good description. Po is good as a neighborhood standard for a weeknight, casual dinner, but I probably wouldn't go there for a special occasion like a birthday.

      3. Apizz is way better and both are far inferior to Pepolino.

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          Whoa, FAR inferior. That is a bold statement. Please explain why Pepolino is so much better.

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            Nightly farrato is the bomb, plus the owners. Always make it a party. l agree with il Tr, better than either of poster's choices, again IMHO.

        2. I LOVE Apizz (haven't been to Po) - I think the food is outstanding!

          However, Just my own personal opinion - the only thing I have ever had there that didn't blow me away - is the meatball. Very average IMO - (I make them better at home, but if you don't make them at home they are most likely better than most restaurant meatballs)

          1. I like both but Apizz feels more like a special occassion spot.

            1. apizz, for sure. get the Razza: Oven-Baked Skate . My fav skate dish i've ever had... soo good.


              1. Po is good not great. We've been a few times and went in March (I think I posted a report if you want to do a search of this Board) for dinner. It's a very small space so your enjoyment (and the noise level) may depend on your table. My two favorite tables are the ones in the window or the one in the corner near the entrance to the kitchen. I preferred Lupa and Perbacco.

                1. Apizz it is! Thanks all for the unanimous votes. Makes my decision easy.

                  I checked out Pepolino's website as well-- the menu looks yums. will def'ly try in the future on another night.

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                    Please report back after your dinner. It can get warm in there so be prepared.

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                      Hi all!

                      Sorry to report we ended up cancelling our reservation at Apizz and went to Al Di La instead at his request!

                      You can read my (very long) review here:


                      We will definitely still try Apizz soon.
                      thanks again!