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Aug 11, 2009 10:29 AM

Best street food area in Bangkok?

Hi all-I'm going to Bangkok for a meeting in October and I'm trying to decide where to stay. I have only a few days so I want to be in a good food area (esp. cart/street food and small family-run restaurants) and near a Sky Train stop if possible.
Where are the best chow neighborhoods? Thanks!!!

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  1. You can probably consider Silom area. Montien Hotel right in front of Patpong (if you don't mind its proximity to the girlie bars) gives you access to street foods, small restaurants, etc. Bonus: they open till very late. You'll be near Bangkok Skytrain (BTS) Saladaeng station, or the Bangkok MRTA Silom station.

    1. the great thing about bangkok is most central areas are near great food. but, agree with klyeoh that silom's a great option. you have a bit of everything -- excellent, cheap street food, mom & pop shophouses and some higher end thai, too. also very convenient to pretty much anywhere.

      as for the montien hotel tho... without knowing your budget and who you are, not sure i'd recommend it. but there's a slew of options in the area at all price ranges.

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        The Montien didn't look like my cup of tea, but Silom seems to be! I am looking for something maybe a little nicer. But what can I expect in the way of street eats in this neighborhood? I will be arriving late (10 p.m.) after a flight from Istanbul. But it will only be 4 p.m. in my head and stomach, so I'll be looking for chow

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          Try Dusit Thani then:

          D'Sens French restaurant (by Jacques & Laurent Pourcel) and Mayflower Chinese restaurant are a couple of my favorite eating spots in Bangkok. And the hotel's also walking distance to Sala Daeng station.

      2. For work reasons I've often stayed near Kasetsart University. There are lots of places - street and little restaurants (many that have to replace Mom's cooking for the students from all over the country).

        1. google Austn Bush for his complete rundown of the best street food

          also "import food" has good maps to take with you

          go to bottom of the page and click any and all locations
          hope you have lots of time to enjoy Bangkok

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              I would just rather take a beating then hassle with Chinatown traffic!


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                Yes, Yaowarat Road......I agree.....

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                  I like the area around Petchaburi Soi 12, and Soi 5 and Soi 7, north of that street. Very old school local food scene.