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Aug 11, 2009 10:26 AM

Fun, beachy restaurants?

To celebrate a couple of summer birthdays we'd like to spend a few hours at the beach and then walk to a nearby restaurant where we can relax (not take-out) for casual food and drinks. The only 2 spots in easy driving distance to Boston that I can think of are Nantasket and Revere.

Last year we went to Schooner's on Nantasket and while the food was good it doesn't really have that party type of atmosphere we're looking for. Barefoot Bob's is fun but I'm not sure it has the quality of food we're looking for. We don't need drop dead deliciousness-a solid B+ is fine by me!

Are we asking for too much? Should we settle for mediocre food at Barefoot Bob's or are there any other options out there for us?

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  1. Bridgeman's (bring a change of clothes to get out of your bathing suits--but nice casual is OK)., Mezza Mare, or la Dalat. Bridgeman's has best locale and atmosphere with great food. MM is very casual Italian (haven't been in a while but it was always a solid B+, as you say) and Dalat has great Asian including sushi.

    Have fun!!

    1. I may be making a recommendation that is beyond the pale of easy driving distance from Boston, but Plum Island's gorgeous beach and the very good Plum Island Grille is a pair that beats a full house in my book any day. There are several parking lots to choose from on Plum Island with some residents charging even less for front lawn parking (can you believe it!?!!?!?) :). They range from $8 to $10 on weekends and $2-$3 on weekdays. I have to run now, but I will track down the menu and link to P I Grille a little later - we ate there last week, and we were delighted!

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        I'd really like to hear about this place. Planning a Plum Island getaway soon.

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          I went with friends to the Plum Island Grille last Saturday night. The food was excellent and it was a great atmosphere to dine. While it would be a little bit of a hike to walk from the public beach, it's free parking at the restaurant.

          I have given the website and just want to add. The pork granita Spring rolls were over the top delicious as were the mussels. The seafood chowder was okay, extremely rich and kind of bland.

          I got the Grilled fish special of the night, which was Sea bass over wilted spinach and garlic mashed. It was excellent. My DC got the grilled scallops with sauteed carrots, olive tapenade and garlic mashed.

          They have blackboard specials, and you can eat at the bar. It's a little pricey and make sure you call ahead for reservations. We went at 5:30pm, and the place was packed and had an hour wait.

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            Our house was down the street from the Grille and had a right of way to the beach - less than 10 minute walk. We had our visitors park in the lot across from the grille and walk down (or we shuttled some of the older guests). Not a bad walk at all - depending on your level of fitness.

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              Did you say "pork granita spring rolls"?! I'm having trouble picturing this. Can you expound?

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              I'm another fan of Plum Island Grille and another fun place is Mad Martha's Beach Cafe which is BYOB. The dinner menu changes every weekend. It's very small and cozy. Decent breakfast spot also.

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                Haven't tried Mad Martha's yet, thanks for the info!

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                  Mad Martha's is awesome! Our house was right across the street - LOVE it! The crispy French Toast for brekkie is sooooo good (and I usually prefer eggs to sweet breakfast entrees).

            3. Bridgemans in Hull or in Hingham Harbor ,Tosca is very highly regarded (and expensive) but they have a more moderately place across the street which is also excellent (it may be called Tosca Cafe but I forget).

              1. Mezzo Mare across from Nantasket is a good choice for Italian food. It's more intimate and romantic than casual beach-y, but the food is very good.

                I'm actually a pretty big fan of Barefood Bob's. Some of the food is really quite good, and the scene can be pretty crazy.

                You could also walk to Jake's, which is a couple of blocks from Nantasket Beach on the Harbor side.

                As far as Revere? I really can't think of much. I love Bianchi's, but it's only takeout. I suppose you could walk over to the Mount Vernon on Route 1A....

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                  Thanks for all the suggestions. So far though none sound quite like what we're looking for. Casual, beachy, fun, a little loud, but with decent food...................maybe it'll be Barefoot Bob's after all! I'll be interested to see about the Plum Island Grille though so I'll try to find the website too.

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                    A few weeks ago we were eating near the outdoor tiki bar at Barefoot Bob's and these two huge bikers came over to our table. One put his beer on the table and said, "You don't mind if I put my beer here, do you?" I gave him a hard stare, leaned forward a bit, and said, "Uh, no, not at all! Go right ahead!" :-b

                    The steak tips there are outstanding, by the way.

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                        Heh, if I had asked him that question, I don't think I'd be sitting here talking with you today (and my GF would be really confused as well).

                2. At Revere Beach there is a place about 1/2 mile past Kelley's. I believe it's called Antoine's. I haven't been but remember some posts about it. At Nahant Beach there is the Tides but the food is average at best.

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                    i remember many years ago when the tides was the place to go