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Aug 11, 2009 10:19 AM

Seeking great local food on the Eastern Shore

Heading to the Eastern Shore this weekend for some canoeing and hiking... bringing the dog. We will make our required stop at the Crab Claw for a soft crab sandwich (they're dog friendly!), but have no other food plans yet. I'm looking for suggestions of other good local restaurants that serve good local food. I know there are lots of farms in that area, so there must be places to eat that great produce! Please tell me your favorite restaurants, farm stands, markets, etc on the Eastern Shore! (Staying in Easton, but getting around in that area is very simple.)

Restaurants need to have outside seating so we can bring the dog (I'll confirm with the restaurant that this is ok).

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  1. Haven't been but hear great things about Mason's in Easton, next to the Inn, and I think it fits your bill.

    1. in ocean city we like hooper's for crabs and antipasto for wonderful italian. peakey's in princess anne has amazing fried chicken. In salisbury, restaurant 213 is a romantic little spot with very good bistro food. i can't exactly endorse the mexican food on this side of the country, but the fish tacos at la hacienda in ocean city are good.

      1. There is a huge and plentiful farm market in Chestertown on Saturday. Very dog friendly. Fishwhistle is on the river and has good food and a nice outside area. You could also get sandwhiches at Feast of Reason and take them down to the waterfront park. A lot of canoing anf kayaking spots on the Chester River.

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