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Aug 11, 2009 09:24 AM

Where to eat in Lenox area?

SF hounds coming to Lenox in the Fall. We will eat at Old Inn on the Green because we so like the place but we have 4 nights. Any great places we should try?

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  1. Brix Wine Bar-Pittsfield-French Bistro
    Trattoria Rustica-Pittsfield-Italian
    Rouge-West Stockbridge-Bistro
    Once Upon A Table-Stockbridge-American Bistro
    Chez Nous-Lee-Bistro

    Pittsfield is only 6 miles north of Lenox and Stockbridge about 7 miles south. I think these are some of the better places to dine. I'm sure my other local posters will chime in and give their recs. Lots of places...... I'm sure you won't go wrong. My one bit of advice is to avoid The Red Lion Inn. If you want super upscale I would recommend Wheatleigh Inn in Lenox.

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    1. re: Lenox637

      For super-upscale, I do believe Blantyre is a far better choice. Unlike at Wheatleigh, the staff knows how to walk the razor's age between professional and yet friendly; and, unlike at Wheatleigh, the food is not precious, and, one does not leave hungry. The experience at Blantyre is superlative.

      1. re: AikiLou

        I would disagree with you. I had the pleasure of dining at both establishments within the last 10 days and found Wheatleigh FAR superior to Blantyre. it all comes down to personal taste.

        1. re: Lenox637

          Slightly off topic, but a question for 637.........have never eaten at Wheatleigh (I also was under-impressed with Blantyre, but that was years ago.) As I usually eat more casually, have been wanting to try Wheatleigh's brunch some chilly Sunday. Have you been? Can you recommend?

          1. re: mjoyous

            I have not been to brunch there, but if you want a REALLY GOOD brunch, try Brix's....... AMAZING!!

            1. re: Lenox637

              Can you elaborate on Brix's brunch? I'll be up in the Lenox area later this month and Sunday brunch is one of my favorite meals. I looked at their website but they don't have a brunch menu up there.

              1. re: Lenox637

                That's already on my radar,but thanks!