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Aug 11, 2009 09:19 AM

Need suggestions for EV/LES Dinner Tonite for Friend with "Issues"

We're staying with friends in the EV and want to take them to a nice dinner tonite. The husband is el cheapo and is unhappy going to a place that isn't budget priced or where there is no kind of deal (even if he is being taken out). He will sulk if the portions are small and/or there is a perception of poor value. He tends to go to the same places over and over: Polonia, Cucina de Pesce, kebab house.

We are here visiting from North Carolina and would like something more interesting or special. He doesn't like fish or sushi. Italian would be good. Any good prix fixes these days? Other ideas? $20 - 25 pp would be good -- could go to $30 - 35pp for something really unique. But it has to be way delicious and fill our stomachs.

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  1. The Redhead would work. You won't leave hungry, and the entrees are mostly under $20.

    1. You might consider the prix fixe at Shang tonight. It's $35 for 3 courses. Gyu-kaku is another place to keep on your radar nearby.

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        Apiary also has a $35 prix fix and the portions are generous. But while it qualifies as delicious, I wouldn't call it unique.

      2. Try Cafecito on 11th and C. Big portions, good food and reasonable prices.

        1. Many places are still participating in Restaurant week with $35 prix fixe dinners. Go to open table to see who is participating.

          1. You can't beat Max for italian.