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Aug 11, 2009 09:19 AM

Spring and Galveston

Hello I am from Texas but have not lived there in awhile! I am coming home and want some tasty places to eat. I will be staying in the spring area and also traveling to Galveston area. Does anyone know of some nice restaurants but not expensive that I can take my mother too. I am game for anything mexican, Italian- lets not do sushi but anything else. THanks

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  1. For Mexican food on the island I like La Estacion which is open for breakfast and lunch, downtown across from city hall. I actually think they have the best breakfast.

    I also like Gordita's on the east end of the seawall. They have a very nice menu with good TexMex and some traditional Mexican. They do not take credit or debit cards so have cash if you visit. Just an FYi they also have a nice little raspa stand out front that has great fruit smoothies which are good for a walk on the seawall in the hot weather. They also have the Mexican corn cups which I really like.

    Italian on the island evokes many strong feelings. I prefer Mario's on Seawall but many others prefer Di'Bella's. I have never like Di'Bella's but I must say they are resilient. First they suffered major damage from Ike, reopened and they had a bad fire. Just recently reopened again. They are a little neighborhood restaurant on Avenue O.