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Aug 11, 2009 09:17 AM

Solo Dining in Novi, MI

Just began regularly traveling to Novi for work. I'm wondering if anyone has recommendations for places with a nice bar atmosphere where a solo diner can sit at the bar and have a few drinks and a good meal.

I saw that there's a Bonefish Grill in the town center, and also saw Gus O'Conner's. Any other recommendations for good food in the area?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. If you like Japanese food, Cherry Blossom is pretty good and has a sushi bar where you can order anything (they also have yakitori, which is unusual among Japanese places around here).

    1. Hie thee to Diamond Jim Brady's Bistro near Grand River and Novi Road. I've eaten there many times solo, and I've never had a bad meal there at all.

      You can thank me later. Enjoy!

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      1. Boagman and JanPrimus are spot on. Diamond Jim's perfect for what you are looking for. Mary Brady is a wonderful hostess; Karen and Lori will keep you company at the bar. Karen really knows her wine. There is virtually no waitstaff turnover - you'll get to know Pauline and Karen S. well. It's located in the Town Center, same as Bonefish, around by the picture shows. Tell 'em Sony Bob sent you! Please report back.

        1. Also try Flairs Grille at the former Mezza (and Italian Epicure/Country Epicure) location. New Chef with much fresher food. Hope you enjoy.

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            Diamond Jim's is a wonderful restaurant. Very homey and comfortable and the food is great!

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              Not too far from Diamond Jim's is the Japanese noodle and sushi place Ajishin (as you likely know). I say, get your work done early, cut out for a Happy Hour drink(s) at one of the many bars around Town Center, and then go a bit east on Grand River and sit at the "bar" at Ajishin where you can have great affordable food, watch the news and drink tea (no alcohol).