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Aug 11, 2009 08:24 AM

Any suggestions for a good restaurant near Seatac

I am flying into Seattle and staying only 1 night near the seatac airport. Our hotel in the Red Lion Inn I believe it is on International Dr. We will not have our car until the following morning. I was wondering if there were any restaurants within walking distance or short cab ride that is yummy. I dont want fancy, just good food. I like all types of cuisine so any suggestions will be great. Thanks in advance!

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  1. 13 Coins at 18000 International Blvd is just right down the road from the Red Lion. They are open 24 hours a day and have a great selection of food without being outrageously expensive.
    Or if you wanted to do some shopping before or after you eat, you can hop on the free Seattle Express (which stops at your hotel at 11:05am 1:05pm 3:05pm 5:05pm) that goes to Westfield Southcenter shopping center, the largest indoor mall in the Pacific Northwest. There are tons of restaurants in that area.

    1. Pickings are a little slim on the hotel strip around the airport. The best food in the area, IMHO, is at Sharps Roaster and Alehouse. The menu is basic American comfort food--roast turkey and dressing, pot roast, potatoes and gravy, etc.--not adventurous, but pretty tasty.

      If you want to take a short cab ride, Southcenter is one option, but it's going to offer you mainly chain dining. For some good neighborhood places, head about the same distance in the other direction to Burien. There, along 152nd Avenue, you'll find La Costa (great Mexican), King Wha (very good Chinese), Elliott Bay Brewhouse (good local brewpub), Mick Kelly's Irish Pub, the Tin Room (popular local hangout with burgers, steaks, seafood and the like), Bistro Baffi (Italian) and a bunch of other places.

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        I will second Sharp's. It is probably within walking distance, and it has excellent roast beef.

      2. thank you so much for all of the info!

        1. I'd definitely do the "13 Coins" - haven't found any restaurants that compare around the airport area or around Westfield Mall.

          1. You can take a cab to the area's largest mall, Westfield/Southcenter, and right down the hill from Intl Blvd/99 on Southcenter Parkway (about 1.5 miles south of mall) are Sanfords (great mojitos and salmon ceaser) and Newport Bay Restaurant with a sensational happy hour with quality minimeals til 7pm. Newport is a great seafood restaurant with large, not greasy servings and the huge fish tacos and pasta dish at the happy hr are great!