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Aug 11, 2009 08:22 AM

Where to eat after seeing "Julie and Julia?"

I am asking for advice on a reasonable priced French restaurant near a movie theater playing "Julie and Julia"

Almost every review says I will be hungry after I see this movie. I was wondering if anyone had thought about where to eat really good French food after seeing the movie?

I read "My Life in France" and read Julie Powell's blog before it was a book. I loved them both.

Thank you for any advice your can give.

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  1. If you see the movie at the UA Riverside, that's not too far from Bibou which is really excellent French food. We also ate at Saute after seeing a movie there -- it's pretty close and the food was good though slow.

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      Bibou is great but I wouldn't go see a movie at the Riverview if you paid me.

      1. re: Buckethead

        riverview is fun! you're nuts....hehe, ok kidding, it can be a pain, but when i was a kid and the old theater was updated to what it is now, i can't tell you how excited i was. i know it's loud and more like a play pen than a theater sometimes, but i'll always love it. you have to embrace the insanity. and besides, not many families will go to see julia and julia, so the romper room aspects will be shelved. you'll just have to deal with MAYBE someone texting or an occasional phone call. hehe, ok, maybe not during j&j....

        don't go to the bridge in west philly, no french restaurants nearby. if you go to the ritz theatres, nothing is particularly close by but there are four or five within a mile: bistro la minette, beau monde, coquette, caribou cafe....and bibou is close enough, as is saute. the first three on my list are reasonably priced for sure, haven't been to the rest, beau monde has a full bar too, but it only serves brittany-styled crepes (but they are outstanding). i would eat there once a week if my schedule permitted it.

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          What he said. The riverview is good if you like to talk the whole movie and make phone calls.

          Bistro La Minette is really good for french and I have heard nothing but good things about Bibou. However, Bibou is BYO and since the crappy liquor stores in PA will be closed you will have to remember to bring your own wine. I don't think the riverview will let you in the theater with wine though. I'd avoid Carabou cafe. The bar is really nice, but I think the food is not very good.

          1. re: robot

            I have to admit I find the complaints about the Riverview overblown. I have yet to be in *any* theatre in Phila where people didn't have their phones on or worse--including the Ritzes and even the film fests. Kid-wise the Bridge is nearly as bad, but the seats are more comfy. The RV has the parking advantage though.

            For some movies, action movies, kids shows, this makes it more fun because the audience is also more participatory.

      2. It's playing at Marple in Springfield. La Belle Epoque in Media is a great spot for a post movie drink and a bite to eat.

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          I agree....what a great neighborhood spot to enjoy post-movie grub while sipping on delicious wine :)

        2. Bistro La Minette (6ht & Bainbridge) is not too far from the Ritzes.

          1. Yeah, i used to live on 6th and Bainbridge and walk to the Ritz 5 all the time. It's not a short walk, but pleasant, 20 minutes or so. That's close to Bibou, Bistro la Mignette, and Coquette, which I hear is under a new chef.

            1. Didn't love the movie, went out for tacos.