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Aug 11, 2009 08:02 AM

Phoenixville Restaurants - Recommendations?

What restaurants would you recommend in Phoenixville, along Bridge Street?
(I'm not from the area...)

Any of the following?
Iron Hill Brewery
Black Lab Bistro
Molly Maguire's
Fenix (is this a tapas place?)
Pickering Creek Inn

Any Others?

Looking for a girl's night out for a Bridal Party, on a Thursday night.

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  1. For what you had described (on other post), Marly's is your best bet.
    Black Lab is similar (both BYO), but the food and atmosphere is better IMO.
    Iron Hill Brewery- local chain, typical bar/grill
    Molly Maguire's- Irish bar
    Fenix (is this a tapas place?)- martini bar-lounge type setting affiliated with Molly's- yes tapas, but I think very limited. I think you should walk here after a BYO dinner, unless you don't want a sit down dinner.
    Pickering Creek Inn-scratch that for a girls night.- tv bar and grill. I haven't tried it since it changed, but not the atmosphere you probably want for that night.

    There are a few other bar & grill type places- 101 Bridge/Baxters & jP Ryans.
    Daddy Mimms is creole/ NOLA style BYO.
    Also, Majolica- closed briefly then reopened less pricey than prior. You could check that out as an option. Prix Fix $25 on Thursdays too. I haven't been to give better feedback on the change though. Most of the places above have online menus- good luck!

    1. Would suggest perhaps a drink at the Fenix (great martinis) and dinner at Majolica. Have heard good things about Black Lab Bistro though never eaten there.

      Went to Marlys for first time a few weeks ago and was not too impressed. The Roasted Corn Bisque was watery and thin, not bisque-like at all. Likewise the Pappardelle Pasta tossed with sauteed lobster was thin and under seasoned. Althought I must admit my wife's Pork was good - the star of the night was their Crispy Halloumi Cheese Salad.

      Majolica's new menu is indeed less expensive but we find the atmosphere nicier (not as cramped as Marlys) and the food has far more complex and developed flavors - IMHO. The chef Andrew is also willing to do tasting menus ad hoc, if you ask very politely! One of our favorite places.

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      1. re: EpicurBurbs

        Check out the "Phoenixville"'s huge, extensive, everything you want.

        My money goes to Black Lab, Majolica. Haven't tried Marly's...but am hearing good stuff.

      2. What type of ambiance are you looking for (I have never been to a Bridal party)?

        As far as restaurants are concerned (food & service), Majolica is head and shoulders above the rest, Blacklab and Marlys are not bad (in fact I just returned from Marly's and while it is getting better, it is nowhere near the caliber of Majolica).

        Stay away for all other so called restaurants in Phoenixville, especially 101 Bridge as it is going through some bumps.