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Aug 11, 2009 07:34 AM

Mexican Bakery in Odessa?

I have just returned from Odessa and plan to go back in a few months. Can anyone recommend a good Mexican bakery in Odessa?

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  1. There is Marquez's Bakery located on west County road. Good Mexican restaurant is Durango's Mexican Restaurant located on Harless a couple of blocks away from the bakery. If you really like authentic mexican food Durangos is where to go. On the weekends they have menudo and I believe tamales all week long... the tamales are really good.

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      Durango sounds really good. Have you eaten anything at the bakery? Please let me know if you have any more recommendations. Thanks!

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        I was wondering what is meant by "authentic" Mexican food? I have heard the terms "real" and authetic and I am wondering if that is meant traditions South Texas-SW US cooking or the traditional cooking of Mexico?



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          the owners are from mexico and cook as they did when lived there.

          I have eaten at the bakery. Good stuff at Marquez bakery.. my favorite is the angel wings or elephant ears.. however you want to call them. At Durangos restaurant they also have delicious pineapple empenadas. I love theie pineapple ones soo much that I never try the other ones.! lol

      2. La Fiesta bakery (in the southside neighborhood) is my favorite for fresh empanada's....need to call first, because they run out sometimes, but I think they prepare them twice a day.

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          Do you know the address? I would like to go there on my next trip to Odessa.

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            It's on the corner of Roxanna Ave. & Ann St.......funny thing is, I couldn't find it in the phone book or switchboard. com.....hope this helps

        2. We are open Tuesday through Sat. 7Am to 5PM phone number 432-332-8775. Sundays open until 1PM
          Please call us for directions. It is a little hard to find but we are off of Clements and Dixie. 327 E Ann St. We've been here since 1964 and yes we have fresh empanadas daily. Look forward to seeing you!

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            Thank you superglide81 and lafiestabakery! I will be able to find it when I return, hopefully in November.